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    I have a client with 2 rambunctious Irish terriers that are really tough grooms but they are beautiful when I am done. They get plucked about every 3 months- in between she takes them for baths only to a salon up at their country home. Last week when I go to groom them she brings me out a magazine for that area- a slick publication and shows me a half page ad for the place she gets them bathed with my 2 dogs looking gorgeous like they trim the dogs! Well I think that is really misleading- to see those dogs like that in the ad you would assume they groomed them. My client said they took the picture and didn't even ask her if they could use it.
    I told her she should tell them to give me credit or stop using the picture...
    Am I being a prima donna or is this just a sleazy way to conjure up new business???

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    Does this other shop know you do them, or do they think their bathing of the dogs is what's making them look so good? I'm not even being sarcastic...maybe they think they are the only ones doing these dogs and that their coats just naturally look good?


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      I'd be miffed.

      SiberianLover, a professional should know better than to think those dogs just look like that. If not, they need to be educated. Either way they need to remove the photo from their advertisement.
      That Tenacious Terrier!


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        The truth will out.

        Wait until someone walks into that other shop and asks them to make their dog look just like the two in the ad. And the other place can't do it.

        That'll larn 'em to feature work that is not their own.


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          That is a pretty sleazy maneuver on their part.
          I think I would want to see that magazine post a retraction by that groomer with a statement saying that although the dogs in the advertisement were bathed by them they were actually groomed by ________________
          I would be very upset, and this could interfere with your business.
          I would call the groomer, call the publication, and if you don't get this fixed immediately, call a lawyer.
          JMO But I would be madder than anything.


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            You are definitely NOT being a prima-donna! Has the country shop ever seen the two dogs before you have groomed them? while they are still in their "wooly state"? Maybe they really don't realize the natural look -vs.- the Auntie Beth look. Or they realize it and don't think the actual groomer would ever see it. Surprise them and send a copy of the ad and a really pleasant yet tactfully clear letter to them saying you are thrilled they thought your work was so great but that you expect them to add your name and contact info if they want to continue showing your work.

            What nerve!


            (do you do both dogs on the same day? oh, my aching hands....)


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              I was all ready to jump up and down waving dinosaur bones in a menacing fashion over that...'till I read SibeLover's post. She has a point....(giving the shop a lot of latitude and benefit of the doubt here)...
              maybe they are kinda dumb (because the alternative explanation would pizz me off.)

              Hmmmm, that's a conundrum. I mean there's no law that says you can't give a dog a bath and publish pics of the clean dog, but surely this goes a little beyond that.

              I would certainly call and identify yourself and I don't feel that asking for credit where credit is asking too much.
              If they say no,...well, knowing me...I would feel compelled to take the next soon as I figured out what that was.

              That's really irritating AuntieB.
              Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                Whoooa, yea, I'd be miffed. Especially considering the fact that you perform a skilled specialty service, i.e., hand stripping.. a service 99% or groomers cannot do.


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                  I'm in a mood tonight so here goes...
                  What about a letter to the editor of this mag thanking them SOOOO MUCH for featuring "Bubba & Susie Q" groomed by _________ of XYZ Grooming? Finish off with an public invitation to visit your salon when they're in the area?The other place can't get snotty without looking like asses and you've gotten great free advertisement and credit where it's due!
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                    Girl, I know EXACTLY how you feel.
                    "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
                    People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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                      If the client said that they didn't ask to use the pic, why don't you explain your feelings to her and see what she says... Was she unhappy that they used the pictures without asking? Just thinking that you could possibly have the owner take care of the problem? Did owner realize that was kinda lame of them?


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                        I would call the shop and explain to them that you groom the dogs and you don't appreciate them using dogs that you groomed as advertisement for them.


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                          In the big picture of's really not that big of a deal.


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                            Oh Hell to the no!

                            They sound like they are using your dogs because they look good. If they are bathing the dogs in between your grooming then they sure as heck know it is not their bathing that is making them look like a freshly groomed Irish Terrier. It would be one thing if they took a pic where they were looking mediocre or in need of a grooming.. which what would be the point right you want them looking their best not worst..., but to be (I assume by your looking gorgeous comment) that they looked freshly groomed makes me highly think that they did that to allow potential customers think that their dogs can look like that too.

                            Just too fishy to be coincidence or ignorance. I would be as professional as possible and tell her to use one of their own haircut/handstrip dogs lol. They really should have asked the Irish Terrier's owner if they could use them in their advertising. They may however thought it would be ok because, hey their dogs are getting advertised for others to see... like those dogs in calendars.. which by the way the photographers will have you sign something stating that you give them permission so they can take your dog's pic so it can be used in a Calendar. You get no compensation just the priveledge to have your pet to possibly be in a calendar.. and maybe a free calendar if you get in lol. My Mini bitch and her sister got into Browntrout's 2010 Toy and Mini poodle calendar, she's in April and on the left.. ok done with the shamless plug lol!

                            Back to the OP I would definitely nicely and professionally ask them to either remove the pic or give you credit for the handstrip. If they dont want to then take it to the next step.. the owner would prob have more pull since it is actually their dog. I could be mistaken on that note tho.


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                              I totally understand your frustration AuntieB!

                              A local vet here has a picture of one of MY grooms that they are using to advertise, but my grooming client happens to be their vet client (they also do grooming), but she was flattered they thought her dog looked so wonderful and wanted to take it's picture, so she gave them permission to use it. I dont' have a leg to stand on! Nothing I can do unless the advertising actually says THEY groomed the dog, but it really ticks me off they use such sleezy tactics and trickery. I guess it's a complement in a way and people will KNOW after going there that this is NOT the way they groom, but still....

                              In your case, you really can't protest because they aren't your personal dogs, but the owner can demand they do not use pictures of her dogs in their advertising since she didn't give them permission.