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  • Advertising

    Anyone ever advertise by buying a piece of fence or a bench for a dog park?

    Just wondering if you actually got calls from it.

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    My daughters softball team

    back when she's was about 10,I owed a large boarding kennel in North NJ, I purchase the teams uniforms and had a big sign display of the fence of the towns playing field. I think it was 500.00 back then, she's gonna be 21 in April.


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      I haven't done that at a dog park, however here in our town we have an Esso/Tim Hortons and they have a drive through. They have a large sign in the drive through right in front of the window and you can buy a piece and have your advertisement placed there. The cost is $150.00 but the businesses that are listed on there, say the response is great.
      I have decided to give this a try, and as people head to work and grab their morning coffee, I will have my sign right in their view. This is also the entrance to our province, so tourists will be seeing it as well, just in case Fifi gets dirty while visiting