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  • Highlights for Bella

    I groom cute shih tzu/maltese mix named Bella. Her mom is open to color. I would like to try some pink highlights. but I am not sure how to procede. I can do allvover color, or color a tail or ears. How do I do streaks? I want to do her tail, maybe some pinklights on her head and body. Her natural coloring is white and grey. I would like something that is semipermanent. I am familar with chalk, would dry erase markers work? Do they rub off?

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    go to sally's and get the brush that they use for highliting and use foil wraps
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      Wrap the hair you want highlighted loosely in a towel, and use blowpens, with the towel protecting the rest of her head from getting colored. I think that would be the easiest way.
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        Definitely blow pens, unless you're going for an all-over color job- then I'd use something like Manic Panic. Oh, and be warned about sometime trying to do a true red- there's a trick to it on white hair, and you'll usually end up with


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          lol,was thinking we need sml,med,lrg,body "caps" like a frosting cap! get a hook n pull the hair through and add color!