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My Little Female Is Sick/Slight Anemia

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  • My Little Female Is Sick/Slight Anemia

    and lack of interest in eating, which is NOT her usual personality. She is lathargic too, which is hard to tell, as she is a couch potato. I took her o the vet this morning and her tests thus far show slight anemia. I wasn't given a number, and didn't think to ask. Tomorrow further results will show if she has Valley Fever, which is common here in Az. It is a spore that gets up the nose and in the air and if not detected, will kill them. I am a very overprotective MOM and have cried some thinking she could die. She is only four years old.

    I checked out pet vet answers sites. It could be a lot of things. I chose not to have the tick test yet, as we have never had ticks on any dogs here in the time we have lived here. No fleas here either. Heartworm wasn't mentioned but ya never know and they are not on meds for it.

    what gets me is that I feed them the best food I think they can digest. Expensive good stuff. Even had Origen and Canadae for a while. Recently a Holistic food. Earthborn Holistic. (not lamb or chicken) I don't even let them out on breezy days. The old neglected poopy bottomed, matted dogs live forever. Go figure. I am a worrier and love my girl so much, and have a headache from crying.

    She has eaten brown rice and today a good portion of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Yesterday it was hard to get her to eat at all. Last week early in the week she had what I call the softies. Mushy poop a day or so until I gave her pumpkin and some metamucil. As for her dog food......won't eat it, even with pumpkin, which she loves. So many dogs here have died lately, I never thought I might be next because she is so young yet. I talked to a breeder rescue lady and she gave me some advice. Also said give her a Pepcid to settle her tummy. I know I must not worry before I know more, but Anemia alone is bad enough and NOT a good sign.

    When I said many dieing here, I mean this forum, not my location.
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    I hope everything is ok with your baby It's so scarey when things go wrong and we always fear the worst. My pack and I will have our fingers and paws crossed that all turns out well.


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      Hope your liittle fur girl is better soon. I know what you mean about worrying about them, I have cried everyday since my little Ally was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sending lots of positive energy to you and your sick little girl.

      You said that she is not on heartworm meds, may I ask why? Did your dog have a reaction to the heartworm meds and that is why you dont give them to her? We have such a bad mosquito problem in the Carolinas, that I would be scared to death to miss even 1 month in the Winter on the heartworm meds...


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        Kaolin Pectin??

        You might want to get some of this for animals with diarrhea. It helps keep my little colitis-suffering dog from getting worse diarrhea if I give it to her as soon as I see a problem.

        As for the heartworm comment from one poster, I disagree. Simply do a search for "The Truth About Heartworm" and see what the top holistic vets in the country say about NOT agreeing with "poisoning" dogs every month with heartworm pills. There is also the belief that many healthy dogs can fight off heartworm, plus the knowledge that dogs can live with heartworm for many years if they are not otherwise unhealthy. So a heartworm blood test every 6 months or so lets you know if your dog has heartworm, and would catch any possible infestation quite early on.

        I actually have to do some more reading, as I think the reason you are not supposed to give a heartworm pill for treatment is to avoid a big "die-off" of worms, but my question would be - since it takes 6 months for the larvae to develop into adult heartworms, then if a dog was tested every 6 months and then had a test come back positive, couldn't you give a heartworm pill because there would not be many adult worms??

        Anyway, sorry about your dog's anemia - hope you can find out what's up and remedy the situation. If she has had much soft poopy, don't forget to try some probiotics. My colitis dog is on Udo's Choice Infant Probiotics. Don't just try yoghurt - not enough digestive bacteria. The Udo's Choice are refrigerated probiotics with LOTS of different digestive enzymes to help an out-of-whack intestinal/digestive problem.


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          I actually never gave it much thought....heartworm meds

          Why Not? The breeder didn't have her show dogs on them and said it isn't as necessary here unless there is stagnant water around. I tried with other dogs and kept forgetting the weekly pills and then stopped. If the vet suggests it, I will begin and try to keep up with the schedule. More than likely it is Valley Fever, which, as I said is costly and deadly. It is Valley fever season, if there is such a season. She just finished her boiled chicken, but didn't want the rice; maybe later for a snack.


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            I'm not being critical of Jens decision not to give heartworm meds, just curious if certain parts of the country dont need it as much as others or if there was another medical reason she chose. The Carolinas are mosquito central....


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              I am so sorry, it's so hard not to worry when you don't know exactly what is going on. I hope she recovers quickly. Please keep us posted!
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                As for the heartworm comment from one poster, I disagree. Simply do a search for "The Truth About Heartworm" ...and then had a test come back positive, couldn't you give a heartworm pill because there would not be many adult worms??


                I think perhaps whoever told you "The truth about heartworms" is basing thier discussion solely on their own opinion, and not on scientific facts. A dog might " for many years..." with heartworms, but their overall health will be adversely affected. They might start out being able to tolerate it, but as time goes on, not only the heart but other organ systems are damaged. Then an illness the dog might otherwise have had no difficulty recovering from can be deadly. And perhaps they never told you how horrific the treatment for heartworm is, once they're infested. It ain't no walk in the park.

                The preventative? Not much problem there. It's not like the drug stays in their system for a full month, and the dose isn't anywhere close to being toxic to the dog. It's much easier on the dog if you prevent, rather than treat.

                And you're information regarding why we don't usually give preventative to dogs already infested is wrong, too. Heartworm preventative does not kill adult heartworms at all, although it can shorten the life span of the adults by a few months. No potential "big die off". It's because a heartworm positive dog can have an anaphilactic reaction from it. Not so much of a problem with modern preventatives, but the old "Filarabits" would turn deadly quite often.


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                  heartworm is not prevelent here

                  I believe the majority of all the dogs that have been on my grooming table are not on the heartworm meds. There is No vaccine for Valley Fever and that is the likely suspect. She is definately lethargic and refuses breakfast now. Later today I should know more and go from there.


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                    It is an autoimmune disorder. Her red blood cells are a bad count, whit normal. She just had her first prednisone and an antibiotic just in case it is tick fever, but not likely. Her chances or recovery is 50/50. So I am very concerned she may not survive this. She has had the best love, care and diet, so maybe that is in her favor. She is such a sweet girl. I fed her a jar of beef baby food and a big squirt of Nutrical. Pepcid later. She is more an more lethargic. She did at least bark at the generator guy yesterday. I don't think I will ever tell her to be quiet again. I want to hear her bark for at least 10 more years.