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Oh my puppies!

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  • Oh my puppies!

    You really do forget what it's like to raise a pup when all you've had in your life the past few years are senior citizens! My Pearl is keeping me on my toes! I guess I lose some weight out of the deal, because I don't care how dog tired or how long of day I've had she needs a good walk.
    Well, gotta go Pearl's being too quite, better go she whats she's up to!

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    My Sis's theory on why puppies are so dang cute for the first 6 months of their that it's way more difficult to kilt them as you round the corner and find them polishing off the last working remote in the house, with that "huh, what?" look on their face.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      lol, Sibes I can see a sibe in a tartan kilt for your next avatar !roflmao !! Canine look closley at my avatar when I got the pup I weighed 300#s !! O.k, I didnt ,but atleast what I do weigh is now muscle instead of a 90 lb weakling picking up 100 lb dogs, having fun ? Isecond that we need a devil emticon.
      ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~