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  • Bloody Diarrhea

    I know that is pretty graphic, but I'm really curious...

    A few months ago, I do a little toy poo that I've done MANY MANY times and he's a handful, lemme tell ya! Hu-mom likes clean feet, face, yadda yadda. This lil hellion is quite a chore and even with the GH, he dances all over the place and to small to hook up in full restraint.

    ANY WHO, back to my story. This lil fella broke with mucousy diarrhea after being bathed and had several episodes between the time I RE-bathed & dried him and when I called the owner to explain the whole situation. She asked if I could finish and call as soon as he was ready as he sometimes eats things that he shouldn't and she'd take him to the vet if it didnt' improve. Well, I called her about 20 minutes prior to finishing him so she would be there about the time he was done and I wouldn't have to REBATH and dry him, but she didn't make it before I had to crate him again. Well, he strained again and it had some mucous with stringy blood. I wiped it with a tissue so she could see (gross, I know, but thought it was important) as this fella has already had surgery for eating STICKS!

    Next morning I had a message on my machine from her SIL and said to call right away, that Willie had to be rushed to the vets and wanted to know if anything had happened to him while there. I was frantic and called right away and he told me that he'd had a blow out on her and in the car on the way home and she was taking him in to the vet that morning. So, later in the day, the vet called and asked about his red testicles and wanted to know if I'd seen it and while I remember they seemed a bit dark, he's so hairy there, I can't really say one way or the other. They asked me what I clean the kennels with and I told them vinegar and water between dogs and a mild clorox solution (very diluted) at the end of each day. They never asked about the diarrhea and never said anything about it, but seemed to be very concerned about his scrotum and said it looked RAZOR BURNED. Well, honestly, I don't think I could have cause the irritation, because I only skim and never try to get all the hair around it, but I guess it's possible. I called the client back the next day and she was understanding about how hard Willie is to groom and that the diarrhea was probably caused by STRESS. Well, I apologized (for whatever reason, I really don't know) and offered an express service from that point on and she said that would be great. Well, the thing about the "stress" is, he'd only been there an hour or so and had only been bathed and dried at the point when the problem started. He'd never displayed this problem in the past, but has (as I've said before) eaten things that cause him a bowel obstruction.

    She hasn't called back yet for an appointment and neither has her daughter with her dog and I"m BUMMED OUT! I feel awful and honestly don't think this little dog was stressed to the point of bloody diarrhea with in a couple of hours (max) of being there and honestly, I don't believe I cause the irritation on his scrotum (he's intact, btw). It really sucks that all this is getting dumped in my lap, but oh well, guess I just needed to get this off my mind.

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    i used to have a client with a small white poodle . One of those crunched up nervous wreck types ,and of course mummies little treasure had to look all pretty and poofy .
    First time i did the dog it just shook & trembled all the way through. Second time i did the dog it started to fit on me, third time i groomed the dog it started to fit in the owners arms in the front of the shop. Fourth time i did it i took it from the owner,she was halfway across the carpark and i put the dog on a table ,when it had explosive bloody diarrhea .I mean it was pretty much just blood!.I grabbed the dog and raced to the carpark hoping to catch the owner before she left.I did and she was shocked as the dog seemed to be half soaked in blood after 10 seconds in my shop!
    Anyway, she rushed it to the vet and after extensive testing its all put down to stress. It had to go back to the vet for a few checkups and started fitting and passing blood at the vet too!
    Much to the womans dismay she had to trim the dog herself from then on.


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      It could be pancreatitis too - usually happens in small dogs who eat something fatty (eh dogs, lunch meat, sausage, **** people tend to give them, especially as a *treat* on the way to be groomed of course) Bloody/mucousy diarrhea is a very good description of what happens with pancreatitis.


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        Don't sweat it you did everything you could. If she was truly worried about this little guy she would have come to pick him up when you first called not asked you to finish. It's so easy for us to get the blame when a dog gets sick. I had posted on here a while back about a little cocker that had a seizure right after mommy had dropped him off, well I spent 30 mins on the phone with her the other day going over the fact that Buddy hadn't come into contact with any cleaning products since that may have caused him to seize. I was carrying him back when it started. I think sometimes people just need someone to blame. My standard poodle had a cause of bloody diarrhea awhile back because he just doesn't know when to stop eating everything he finds. LOL

        You tried to offer a suggestion to reduce the stress level on this dog and I doubt she'll find any place that could be any better.

        Good luck and cut yourself some slack.
        "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
        and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck


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          What I would keep in mind is that this dog stresses himself out and it is NOT what you are doing to him. All you are asking him to do is stand quietly and be reasonably cooperative for the grooming. And his response to being asked to stand quietly is bloody diarrhea from stress?

          The dog is a bimbo. It doesn't matter who grooms him or how they do it, he is always going to stress. He is wired to do so.

          If Mom takes him someplace else, she is going to realize that.


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            I have a little shih tzu I've been grooming for 11 years now. For the first 4 or 5 years he was really good, then bameoh out of nowhere turned into a nurotic idiot! I now groom him in/out in 2 hours. He drouls all over himself and if keep him at the shop too long he gets bloody diarrhae. I also have others that are prone to diarrhae if the shop gets one of those crazy type days of nutty dogs.
            You did your best and like someone else said, he's a little nut case and if he goes somewhere else they will experience the same issues. Unless of course its some underlying medical issue yet to be discovered.
            Sorry this happened to you, we all hate loosing a client or feeling like the scape goat.


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              We had a yorkie in today, total crazy twitch dog, freaked out over anything and everything. The groomer decided it wasn't safe to groom him so she called her mom and then it all came out. Apparently "the last two groomers" couldn't do the dog either. We recommended they talk to their vet and she started raving about how "groomers are useless" and "no one can understand her little man" *shrug* Better off without her business if you ask me!


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                Thanks y'all. This really has been wearing on me and my hubby just doesn't understand, so I don't really express myself to him in the way I can to others who BTDT, so thanks again for the encouraging words. Maybe now I can get past this and take in some new GOOD dogs


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                  How aggravating. It likely starts the second she puts him in the car to come to you.
                  Many moons ago I groomed a small,wispy Std. Poo that did that. Ultimately, the solution for her was we packed her ears w/ cotton (from the minute she walked in until the minute she walked out), and her owner brought a "security blankie" along that smelled like home. I tried to get her in and out in a reasonable period of time and she did fine for the last 6 years I groomed her.

                  I wonder if some sort of anti-anxiety med or Rescue Remedy might help the little guy out? Might be worth suggesting to the owner...if she calls again. I dunno, other than being generally frustrated by those things...I generally (deep down in) find myself hoping they go elsewhere so the owners can see it's not just me.
                  Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.