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NW Grooming show - Awesome weekend!

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  • NW Grooming show - Awesome weekend!

    I haven't been grooming very long so this years NorthWest Grooming Show was my very first trade show ever! I had such an amazing time browsing the trade show and an even better time watching the competition (and cheering on friends). Some how I ended up as the personal helper of the two friends who were competing but I didn't mind at all! Shawn (Moonpie) as you probably know made a huge change to her dog but didn't place and Deb (Izzysmom) got second in the 'other purebreds' class with a beautiful full scissor trim of a briard! She was using these crazy HUGE blenders that seemed to almost magically cut all on their own!

    The demos were what I really went for and I woke up at 6am each morning to drive down and make as many as possible. Donna Owens is such a talented groomer and I learned a lot from her cocker and poodle demos. Kristen Fulton (Gracy Rose) is such an amazingly nice, polite, wonderful person! It was such a privilege to meet her. The seminars she taught were sooooo informative! Adrienne Kawamura's class on cat grooming was definitely the one I needed the most (if you saw my post a few months ago about my cat mauling).

    I've also been researching shears for a couple of months now and was going CRAZY trying to decide which ones to buy. At the show I found the Sharkfin booth and it was love at first sight! Since my hand got injured my pinkie and ring fingers have been very weak and become sore after even a little scissoring. The Sharkfins fit perfectly into my hand and the swivel makes it so my hand doesn't ache at all! I lovelovelove them! And the guys at the booth were super nice.

    Well, I know I'm rambling but I just had to share my excitement with everyone else.

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    Thank you for the compliments, I truly enjoyed my time there (although I was hoping to see such a Twilight fan).

    After having attended almost every grooming show my take on the NW show:
    We need more support from big companies. The groomers in that area are eager to learn (I had 75-100 people in each class, even my Mobile class had people who weren't mobile just hoping to learn something new to apply in their salon) and be the best. For a small show and only a few competitions there were many competitors everyone hoping to just learn something new.

    I helped at the Shampoo Lady booth (great WONDERFUL people) and we had a line of about 15 people deep almost every minute the show was open.

    My overall take on all grooming shows, sorry vendors: charge the attendees less and the vendors more. If more groomers could go and the groomers who did go now could spend more money at the vendors booths and the vendors make more money then it would be a "win/ win" situation.

    I will be going to Vancouver, WA in early October to do an all day seminar.
    4 hours- Canine and Feline First Aid/ CPR certification
    4 hours- Wet Grooming, Cat Grooming, Adding Spa Services and understanding why they work and other tips of the trade to improve your health, wealth and speed as a groomer.


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      I have to agree. I gotta say that having to pay $300 to go to the show gave me a bit of sticker shock. I mean, I know that trade shows in general can be pricey but it really, REALLY cut into the money I had to spend on products. I do hope that the show gets bigger in the next few years with more interest from the big vendors. For now I'll definitely continue trying to attend all the seminars that come around and hopefully I'll be able to make one of the larger trade shows across the country sometime.

      I'm already planning to make your October seminar!


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        I'll be there in October!

        I agree with the price also....Considering some of the larger shows are the same price and offer twice as much it's hard to justify the money on somethings.
        I REALLY, REALLY wanted to get to some seminars but it was either seminars or compete: I chose the one thing I thought could learn more from but still feel like I missed out on ALOT of good and WORTHY seminars.
        Though I will add since the show has come back, attendee prices have come down!
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          glad you had such a good time! I've got to agree with the others though, and that is why I didn't make it this year. I just couldn't justify the $300 to get in this year, so it didn't happen. Doesn't this trade show happen at the same time as another one each year? Kinda feels like we get the leftovers or something, there are just a lot of big names missing of products I'd like to see and try out in person. I plan on saving my money and going to Vegas this year, hopefully it happens!


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            Super show, better than we've had in the past

            for our area. We are growing for sure. We did have a great group of competitor. I only was there Saturday, but I was impressed with the quality of work being done and the variety of dogs there.

            We had a super Meet and Greet, lots of prizes and the guys from Shark Fin even donated a pair for our Door prize! Wasn't that grand, not to mention all the other goodies that were there!

            I enjoyed both of Gracy Rose's seminars that I was priveligaged to attend, would have LOVED to attend her seminar on Mobile, but hey, I was only there for the one day! That Saran Wrap tip was the greatest!

            I am looking forward to seeing her in Oct. If I can swing it!


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              I saw you there, Pam, but I was busy playing assistant to Deb and didn't have a chance to run over and say hi. I was really looking forward to the meet and greet but somewhere in between doing a news interview about my carjacking on Friday and my last seminar I got a crazy migraine. I'll definitely make it next year, though!


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                $300 wow!

                $300!!!!YIKES....Atlanta was $125 and had everything a groomer wanted. Different organizers putting on the convention I guess. That price needs to come down.


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                  Please,Please, do tell what the saran wrap tip is? Sounds intriquing.
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                    Originally posted by Smallpaws View Post
                    $300!!!!YIKES....Atlanta was $125 and had everything a groomer wanted. Different organizers putting on the convention I guess. That price needs to come down.
                    When the show first came back, it was $499.00 for a weekend pass! We are now down to $299.00 and have FINALLY gotten some competitions We are getting there for attendance and status. I even saw groomers this year that I've NEVER seen at the show in the past at all.
                    Yes, this show is RIGHT AFTER Atlanta so it's hard to get most of the big name vendors here.
                    For those of us who are able to make it, lets just be thankful we have a show we can make it to!!!!!
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                    Apparently common sense isn't all that common
                    *~*~emipoo on egroomer*~*~*


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                      I have to agree with everyone else. I had a great time but it was expensive and then when you add the hotel and food you are at an average of about 800.00 and that does not include buying any goodies at the trade show. The Meet and Greet was a blast and thanks to all of you that attended. The North Sound Professional Pet Stylists will continue to host this event in the coming years. Thanks again to all of the vendors that donated and a BIG Thank You to the North Sound Groomers that help set up and decorate. We Shined Kristen thanks for a great time in your classes you make them fun and exciting and everyone loved you!!!
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