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How many of you expanded into doing boarding?

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  • How many of you expanded into doing boarding?

    I have a client with the perfect 12 acre property they want to sell in 1-2yrs. They came to me with it first, because in the 3 1/2 yrs I have been in business as a grooming salon owner, we grow substancially every year. I board some out of my home that I know have great behavior and it gets to be TOO MANY dogs in my home in addition to my own 5 dogs. I know I need to expand to boarding and have thought about it long & hard, the pro's and cons. How many of you have expanded? I would need to get a business loan, move, etc. It would be a long road but in the end I think I would enjoy it. There is also the issue of having the grooming salon & kennel on my property. I enjoy my privacy at the end of the day and don't want people banging on my door on Sunday mornings for their dog to get a haircut! My hubby said we could install an electric gate at the entrance to try to keep our sanity lol

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    I would LOVE to be able to conduct my business here on my property (10 acres) and I have very much considered luxury boarding, but I'm so far out, it would be difficult to build a client base. I'm approximately 12 miles out from the nearest town in the very rural country and while I know there are other places pretty far out, they are still closer to more populated areas.

    Around here, it would be very worth securing a property and starting a luxury boarding facility, as all the kennels here are of the old "shelter" style and people are wanting better for their animals. Maybe some day

    If you have the opportunity, funding, client base, and location I say WHY NOT!!!


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      I take the odd dog into my house. I only have one dog and cat so taking an extra dog in for an amount of time is not much extra work. I find customers love the idea that their pet is treated as family living in our living room with us and not in a cage or a caged run for the the whole time. I don't advertise that I do it but I occasionally have customers asking if I know someone who does it and if I believe the dog is well behaved (can get a long well with my family and pets) then I will suggest my self. It's easy money!
      I'm really just a little dog in a big dog's body (I really should cut down on those milk bones).


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        the closest big kennels here are 10.5 and 14 miles from my house. They both are booked, and I live in the north part of my "city". Most people here board at their vets because there are so few options. I would like to do "boutique" style boarding- large kennels with overstuffed doggy sofas, etc.