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Canada Day Dog Stencilling...Parade

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  • Canada Day Dog Stencilling...Parade

    I am trying to put together an idea for Canada Day this year with my grooming shop doing Maple Leaf Stencils on dogs.

    I am wondering the best way to go about doing this and which product I should use, it has to be temporary, fast, easy and not need to be rinsed out.

    I am also looking at getting t-shirts made for my clients with the shop logo on them and have some of them walk in the parade through town.

    Has anyone done anything like this before? I was thinking about handing out dog treats along the parade route, in a bag with my business card on it for the dogs that are there.

    Any suggestions on how to pull this off would be appreciated!

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    Check out my facebook this there are still some there. Vista print does a decently priced and good quality t-shirt, can be pricey.

    We used blo-pens, you can get them at Micheals Craft Store in the crayon section. It was NOT easy, we ended u having the shave the area of the maple leak to really show off the detail. Sprayed with hairspray and it lasted till it got wet.

    Something quicker and more cost effective might be Canada Day Bandana's, and a car ahead of you with your shop name on the sides and front.


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      Thanks for the ideas Carla, I will check it out.
      I am really hoping to have a booth to do something this year. It is a great day in town and lots of dogs around, so I need to get something planned! It would be nice to include some of the children from the families too. I have 2 teens that would like to help me out that day handing out the dog treats and maybe helping me make a Doghouse float. I am thinking Rob could ride his motorcycle in the parade and since he has a trailer hitch, I could do up the bike trailer to look like a doghouse and maybe find a dog to lay on top of it or something, and have my sign on the sides.
      I'll let you know what I figure out, and if you happen to see any Bandanna fabric that would be good for Canada Day, please let me know!


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        I don't know if it would work, but what about the glitter stuff that Davis just came out with? Seems like it might be fast to do and their ad says it comes out easily.


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          Terry, do you know the link for this stuff?
          I have been hearing about it but have yet to find it through a search


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            Maybe you can find a red and white candy cane stripe fabric from christmas on superdeduper clearance for your bandannas.


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              Originally posted by gluergirl View Post
              Terry, do you know the link for this stuff?
              I have been hearing about it but have yet to find it through a search
              If I remember right


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                Thanks Terry, an Sarahliz, that is a good idea, I was also thinking I could buy whit fabric and stencil the ML & the shop name onto that.

                Like I said, I have some girls who want to help out, so I could do a bunch n different sizes and on the day just have them and stat handing them out to the dogs along with a treat

                Good ideas! thanks to all