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  • Question about salary

    Hi to everyone!

    I was just wondering about the salary of being a bather and a pet groomer.
    Are they both usually paid only on commission or is it usually some type of salary + commission?

    Would really like to hear some feedback from people. I live in Texas. Thanks.

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    Check out this survey. It may help answer a lot of questions about grooming as a carreer.

    Stephen: Thanks Swiss. We are just moving over more and more surveys for storage in Groomer Pedia so to see all past results you can go to But on this matter also check for a discussion on this in general.


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      I've personally helped over 500 businesses convert to salaries for groomers, sometimes lead bathers too. We always used salaries without problems for full time employees with few exceptions.

      Does using salary mean the groomer makes less? Rarely when done right, sometimes more.

      Let's say your work day is 8 hours and 1 hour lunch, not paid.

      Each salary offer is done on a one on one basis.

      By reviewing records we look to see ON AVERAGE how many grooming services are completed by the employee in 8 hours.

      What were they paid, say $160 on commission for the average 8 hour day? Well there you go. On commission the employee gross earnings are $20 an hour, $160 divided by 8 hours.

      Do you know how many thousands of commission groomers have never even done this figuring for their personal knowledge? Plenty.

      So that was my basis for making a salary offer. The salary would be based on $20 an hour. If they work 5 days a week year round that's 260 days a year at 8 hours a day that's 2,080 hours a year. Take 2,080 times $20 an hour and the annual salary offer is $41,600.

      Then you can decide if one week or two of that is given as paid vacation or time off etc based on years employed and other factors you decide.

      NOW it's very important to have a job agreement like those in From Problems to Profits. The above is laid out, and the employee agrees that on an average day they groom "x" amount of dogs and how you figured that, and what a grooming service is defined as etc. This gives the employer the right to come back and say, IF needed, based on the old records up to the point of your salary agreement you were doing 7 a day and now you are donig 4 a day? That's a purposeful slowdown potentially unless this person was injured etc.

      Well we rarely had a problem with an unhappy employee that purposefully goes slow after getting salary, and why, well we had an agreement and both sides keep the agreement or it is off. It's up to management to navigate the flow of work every day, all day. That's why our operation was huge but smooth and best quality anywhere.

      Generally we had a dozen resumes on hand hoping to get hired because the word got around that salaries were actually a good idea. Year round our employees could keep their household budgets knowing a steady check was coming in. Those that demanded commissions often didn't know how to work the numbers to see if the offer was good or not, they suspect the worse in the employer and think you always make more on commission. It's not that simple to generalize about employees or employers and commission vs. salary. Every offer deserves analysis. The groomers with children were especially elated to get a steady good salary and we showed them the calculations above which PROVES without a doubt, you are making the same money, $20 an hour this way or that way. It was not uncommon for us to employ full charge groomers for 5 to 10 years, some even longer. Employees must understand the numbers and lights go off.
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