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  • question about compensation

    My question is what % of groomers work for an hourly wage verses say 50 % commission or more? I am starting to think I may be getting the short end of the $. I do like the steady amount in my check, during slower weeks, however if we stay this busy, we are only 1 year old, i may have to rethink hourly verses commission. Please give me feed back thank you

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    When you are expected to consistently do more work than originally contracted, it is time to discuss a raise.


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      I am salary, but that is only because I insisted on it with the startup of the new shop. We have raises and bonuses calculated in that's directly correlated to the amount of business we do so when we get busy my pay goes up. It's saved my life with those first-starting-slow-days! Especially since I do a lot more than just groom, I know if I were commission I would probably start to resent my other duties. So this works for me.

      Standard commission (meaning, the average as far as I can tell.) is 50%. If you are unhappy with your pay, I would start keeping track of the amount of money you make the shop. Compare it to your paycheck. If it's significantly more you might want to ask for a raise.
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        I am rethinking the same thing...I love the vet I work for and I decided an hourly rate when we first opened, however we have been open for about 5 months now and I am turning people away, I also do more than groom I will be receptionist and vet assistant as well, thinking of asking for commission or hourly whichever I make more of for the week, kind of like the corporations do


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          I love being hourly! If I have a slow day I don't worry about having my paycheck suffering. But when I started I made sure that what I asked for was as much as I was making on a good commission day. I get 401K, insurance, paid vacation, etc. So it's all in how you look at it. You might be able to make more money if you kill yourself to groom more dogs, but what about those slow times and slow days?

          Maybe you need to ask for a raise.
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            I am a salon owner in Cali and currently am paying my people hourly. I only did it that way because it used to take too long to go back thru all the daily sheets and calculate everyone's commission, not to mention all those partially done dogs by several workers and figuring out a fair split on the dogs. My groomers were expected to simply groom and of course general maintenance of the shop, ie: clean up, wash towels, etc. I supplied bathers who clipped nails, cleaned ears, and provided a dog to the groomer they could run a comb thru. Now I'm considering going to commission because groomers are saying that's what they want, but am confused about what my responsibility is to provide. From what I understood, I am suppossed to supply the dog and the shampoo. However, every tub has a hydrosurge, and every grooming station has a clippervac. I also own all the dryers, and the tables, as well as supply the ear cleaner, ear powder, styptic etc. Is 50% fair when all they do is bring their clippers and scissors (of course if we went to comm, then all groomers would bathe their own dogs or pay to have them bathed)? The cost of maintaining all of this equipment is quite costly, I have 3 dryers in the repair shop as I type. The clippervacs cost me more than $3000 to accumulate... Are there any salon owners out there that can tell me what they do or what they think?


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              You'll probably get more replies to this if you repost this as it's own thread.

              I'm not a salon owner but I do manage a salon and have only worked for commission in the past. Salary has been a recent change of events.

              Every shop is different so I believe you should do ultimately what you want and protects your bottom line.

              For me, at every shop I've worked at-it's been 6!-all grooming equipment and supplies (not tools) were provided. That means all tables, stools, tubs, water, dryers, electricity, Prima system if applicable and one Hydrosurge that I did and would not use, crates, shampoo, product, bows, bandannas, and cologne were available. Scissors, blades, clippers, combs, brushes, etc were my personal obligation to bring.

              Personally, if it were me, I wouldn't want to be charged for Clipper Vac usage. (of course, but lemme explain why) Its something that you as the shop owner has decided is a necessity to the job to the point that you ponied up the money for it. At the very least it-should-increase productivity to the point that you will eventually earn your money back if it's being used right. You ARE getting a percentage of the dogs as well...make sure it's a percentage that covers your expenses and makes you a profit.
              There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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                thank you!

                I appreciate the response. i really am quite happy after all. i guess we have just been so crazy busy lately that i felt sorry for myself. life is good. would love to have a groomer's unite type of meeting somewhere, someday. is there such a thing?


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                  I am self employed and I make what ever is left over LOL

                  but I wont work for hourly..

                  I dont like hourly pay.. people who generally get paid by the hour work by the hour.. Its not true in all cases but most.. plus for those like me that are fast paced I can groom 2-3+ more dogs a day than most groomers but if we both are getting the same pay essentially, I dont see its fair..

                  I am sure it is nice when you are slow, but I have always had a bigger income potential on commission. As a rule I generally provide and maintain my own equipment as well..

                  I guess after all that thats why I am self employed LOL


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                    Is 50% fair when all they do is bring their clippers and scissors (of course if we went to comm, then all groomers would bathe their own dogs or pay to have them bathed)?

                    [/ QUOTE]

                    I can hear the war drums beating in the background already...


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                      First of all, if you (as an employer) pay a FAIR hourly or salaried wage, then it shouldn't be an issue. Perhaps adding in a few paid sick/personal days and maybe a paid vacation would make it more desirable or maybe a matched savings plan of some sort. Hourly or salaried pay has it's pluses and shouldnt be looked at as punishment or as if your getting ripped off.

                      As for the employer that is catching heck by the employee's who are wanting commission, it's your salon to run as you see fit. Don't let them run YOU, your the boss, but you could make their pay more attractive and still keep the pay structure simple (as you have in the past) by paying them hourly or salaried and add some other benefit.
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                        I have personally never worked for salary... I have worked 'with' some shops who do. I have always been Inc. so I have gone about it as an IC then. BUT... I have seen WAY to many who feel they know better than the owner on how to run a shop, then they sluff off and guess who gets stuck.... the owner. I know many out there and especially those who come to message boards are looking to better their careers & truly want to work... but there are others... lots of others who are out to get the most they can for doing as little as they can.

                        If you want to make money... do the work. Commission is the only way to insure I am fair with everyone on that note. I listen to my staff, ask what they can 'handle' and we book accordingly. Bottom line for me is this.. if someone feels stressed out, they may walk and I loose, so I prefer to work 'with' people rather than as an 'owner' who tells people what they 'have' to do... everyone ends up feeling better and knows they are being treated fairly. I listen to people, work with them and we find good communication keeps a smooth running place.


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                          More questions...

                          Interesting points of view on compensation of employees. We're in the process of considering an employee right now, we've gotten very busy and I can only do 8-10 dogs in a 10 hour day. I do have another job that I don't want to give up at this point...just in case...

                          There certainly are pros and cons when hiring a groomer. We're only looking at part-time to start, but haven't decided whether we should do hourly or a percentage. We have decided not to go the independent contractor route, though.

                          Those of you that have employees, what is your average percentage when paying them? (with you providing dog scheduling, tools, and a bather)


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                            To Petekids

                            I would hire a bather/ assistant before another groomer. I have a bather/assistant and do at least 10-12 full grooms in a 8 hour day and that includes answering the phone most of the time, taking dogs potty,my only source of fresh air and sun, haha, laundry and end of day clean up. I do split my tips with her at the end of the week which I feel she has earned, she appreciates it and thanks me. Most days the bather is done anywhere from 1 to 2:30.

                            The bather is starting to answer the phones, client records, calling the next day appointments, cleaning, and all the extra things as time allows.
                            And if there are any bath only dogs, the bather does them and gets to keep the tip entirely for that, which adds to the end of day total. She is an employee with an hourly wage, 5 days a week.

                            She works during the slow times with deep cleaning, and other busy work, her hourly reflects the off season times. But at 59 years old I need to have help to save my back or would have to give up the grooming for the most part.

                            If you have even a part time groomer they are going to get antsy during the slow times if not busy, so are you willing to give up work and be slow to keep them happy. I have been there as well and a bather is the best answer.


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                              Originally posted by tia1669 View Post

                              Is 50% fair when all they do is bring their clippers and scissors (of course if we went to comm, then all groomers would bathe their own dogs or pay to have them bathed)?

                              [/ QUOTE]

                              I can hear the war drums beating in the background already...
                    're so right..