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Coat Sprays, Dressings, Powders, etc.

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  • Coat Sprays, Dressings, Powders, etc.

    A take off from the other post about favorite sprays and such...

    I have a question, maybe others wonder the same. I like the results I get from using Crown, but I do not care for Coat Handler anti stat/detangler. I also was not impressed with pre-mix Quicker Slicker - greasy coats.
    Ok, questions-
    First-what is the difference between Sprays, Dressings, Powders (powders probably self explanatory but going to include it anyway)
    What exactly does each one do? What makes them work? and why?
    Why should we be using them? Benefits?
    Me personally-I like CR, the results I get from using it...but why? I used formula 3 on virtually everything.

    What is the difference between:
    Crown Royal
    Ice on Ice
    Quicker Slicker
    Coat Handler

    And the other hundreds on the market, lol.

    We get so many products thrown at us, 'here, try this, you'll love it!!!' Just wanna know what makes it work and why I will love it, lol.

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    I LOVE Crown Royale. It's great for taking care of static and keeping the hair in place for scissoring and it makes coats so shiny and the color stand out. I saw Jodi Murphy using a spray on one of her DVD's so I e-mailed and asked what she used, she was so nice and got back to me that day. I can't believe I ever groomed w/out it! Even for just pet grooming, I think it's important to use finishing sprays, etc., it gives that special look, people DO notice.