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  • OT but heartbreaking

    The 24 year old son of a woman my husband works with was killed in a motorcycle crash on Wednesday. Him and his 22 year old brother had just purchased the bikes earlier that week and were both out riding together when struck by a 74 y/o man in a car. The younger brother is still in serious condition in the hospital
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    How awful She has my sincerest condolences.


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      I don't know these people, but my heart and prayers are with them. A few weeks ago, my friend/client lost her 17 yr. old son who had just gotten his driving license. It will be 3 weeks this evening. He was my daughter's friend since kindergarten. It's been terrible, I understand what they are going through.


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        Another one gone...A reminder to drivers.

        This is horrible. I feel for the family, and the friends of these boys.

        There are now so many bikes on the roads, and so many drivers who just don't see them. It is such a shame to see and hear of the lives that are lost due to poor drivers, inattentive drivers or crazy ones. One thing I hear all the time that makes me so mad, is a lot of people think in a case like this after hearing the age of the driver of the motorcycle, is that it was a young guy on one of them crotch rockets...This is NOT always the case and if it was a crotch rocket, that doesn't mean he was going to fast or pulling wheelies! It was just the bike he liked and wanted to ride. He shouldn't have had to die for just wanting to ride.

        Some bikers can give us all a bad reputation. This young man was enjoying his new pass time, and unfortunately, bad things can and do happen to good people. It is sad to hear of one more person, that had a love for motorcycles is now no longer with us.

        For all of you who know someone who rides a motorcycle whether it is your kid, husband, wife, co-worker or parent... remind them all the time to make eye contact with every driver. If you can't see them looking straight at you, they aren't seeing you. People on bikes should always have an escape route for the person who chooses to be blind. Always have " an out". (EGO=EYES - GEAR - OUT)
        My husband reminds me of this every time I sit on my bike, and we've been riding for 20 years. My kids hear us remind each other of that and when the bikes come out every year after being put away for the winter, we will see a post on our facebook pages, or a text message on our cell phones from them that say "EGO".

        It is so sad that no matter whose fault the accident is, it is always the person on the bike that gets hurt the worst, or dies. If you are on the roads, give the bikers your "eye contact" or a s up, consider it your "do good thing" for the day.

        If they are stopped at a light, slow down and approach them slowly so they know you are not going to rear end them. If you are going to pass a car, check for a bike first.

        Don't tailgate a motorcycle, don't cut us off!

        I have been on the ground a few times thanks to car/van drivers not paying attention, and at 60 kph, it hurts to hit the ground.Even with full biking gear on, it hurts! You can't make eye contact with drivers that are behind you, although I have tried.. in my mirrors, by waving them off, by hitting the brakes repeatedly...none worked in my case. My outs were a culvert or a car in the opposing lane. I chose to go down and take the chance of getting run over rather than taking the other routes. It could have been the wrong choice, I'll never know, and I had less than a second to decide.

        If you have never been on a bike and never given them much thought or think that the accident that killed this man doesn't affect you, think again...or, think of this....picture going down a freeway or interstate at 90 mph in your car, then opening your car door and jumping out. That's what it feels like to get hit by a car while you are on a bike.

        I know I am ranting, but seeing and hearing about all of the people that are dying because they are on a motorcycle is getting more heart breaking every year. Too many good people are dying needlessly.
        What could or would they have accomplished in life, had someone else on the road been paying more attention? We'll never know, and that is so sad. What they may have accomplished had they lived, may have had a direct impact on your life. What is the world missing out on, now that they are gone?

        Please, pay attention to us, and remind the bikers you know about "EGO" eye contact, keep the bike in gear, and have an "out" at all times. Remind your sons and daughters that just got their car license to pay attention to the road at all times, and WATCH FOR BIKES!

        May he rest in peace.
        Hopefully by Dog Daze posting this sad story and the heart break it caused the family and friends, it can be a reminder to all of us and help save a life.


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          It was very sad they just bought the bikes earlier in the week. I am sure the 74 y/o guy that hit them is just as devastated by the accident.

          It is very dangerous for bikes out there now with everyone texting and what not.