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  • Proud of Myself Today

    I feel like I made a difference in a dog's life today by showing him that grooming doesn't have to be horrible. Chipper is an American Eskimo that was severally abused for the first 3 years of his life including being starved for several days in a kennel. Understandably Chipper has some issues and has never enjoyed being groomed. He is terrified(bites) of kennels, blow dryers and any sudden movement even after being in a loving home for the past 5 years. So when his owners called me and asked if I might be able to work with him I didn't think I'd be able to finish this dog. We set up two appointments, one for the bath on Friday, since the dryer is such an issue, and the haircut for today with the owner present the entire time for both. I have never had an owner stay through an entire groom, though I've always told clients they are welcome to, and I worried that he would act out even more. Well not only did Chipper tolerate both the bath and full groom (lion cut) but he was relaxed and even ate treats while I clipped him! I was so proud to be able to show this dog that grooming can be an enjoyable experience, or at least not a terrifying one. It's days like this that remind me why I love what I do so much!

    Thanks for reading
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    Yep, that's what its all about. So rewarding to actually have a dog enjoy something that once was terrifying or horrible.


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      Thats awesome!! It's good to know you made a difference.


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        Keep using those treats while grooming so he'll learn that grooming is a good thing that he can enjoy while nibbling on some treats

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          I would love to have seen a video of your gentle approach. That is wonderful. I bet his trim was cute too. Cesar Milan has that down pat, and you must have that special vibe the dog felt good about trusting you. I have never had a nervous dog interested in eating a treat.


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            Good for you !

            My heart is all warm and fuzzy...


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              Good for you, I do think dogs can read our emotions & sense if we are nervous.
              I have a 3 yr old ShihTzu coming in and she is nervous & severe shaking at the last few groomer so bad the groomers send her on.

              I will have then talk to their vet about taking the edge off with meds, just a little and then come in once a week for a month to see if I can regain the trust of this wee little dog.Sometimes working with the dog this way will settle it down, I tell the owners it's more bothersome for the dog to be taken from the warm secure home to the car where there are unknown smells and sounds and it scares them. Take the dog for a ride in the car more often if it's just around the block everyday.
              Then give treats in the car to make them glad they went for that ride!! Well see.


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                Thank you all! Good luck with your nervous shih tzu Plexi! I hope you can get her comfortable with grooming again.
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                  You should be proud of yourself! Too many people think that we groomers must do something horrible to their pets while they are away, for they shake and carry on when the owner gets ready to leave. You have shown the client and the dog that we are not "bad guys/girls"! That dog is learning immense trust with you and that in itself is the special part of what you have done! I like people like you!