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My town has been a hotbed for crime this week.

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  • My town has been a hotbed for crime this week.

    So I'm watching the local news and I recognize a mans name as getting arrested for a prescription drug bust. He's a new client that brings a dog for a weekly bath, well I say, I guess he won't be in today. Sure enough the wife, who's out on bond, calls and reschedules their appointment. If I were just arrested the last thing I'd worry about was my dog getting clean but hey that's just me. Apparently he's used to it, not his first time behind bars.

    Next they're shutting down a road a mile from my house for a man hunt on a cop shooter, thankfully the vest the officer was wearing saved him but the man is still at large and considered armed and dangerous. Yep my doors are locked.

    I'm watchin 20/20 last night and the streets start looking familar. They are featuring a woman from my town who posed as her cute teenage daughter and got two men from NY stirred up until one killed the other.

    So much for my quiet little WV town.

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    I think that would come under excuses not to call. Jeepers.

    So much for the sweet song: Take Me Home Country Roads.

    Be safe.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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      In my area a man was fed up with being robbed

      so he spent quite a bit for great security cameras even in his garage. The news is showing the tape of a man and woman and it is very clear! You can see them ducking in front of the car when a passerby drives past and they even touched the car! Ah ha fingerprints. Then he is forming a crime facebook site to catch them! The man said they were helping themselves to everything like they were shopping at Home Depot. I think it is worth the money for cameras and let it be known they could have their faces on facebook! However, the news said check with law enforcement first so as not to possibly interfere with the investigation.

      I have not been robbed, but I am thinking about getting cameras just in case.

      Oh, and the worst video was a woman hitting a small infant who was a babysitter! She wacked it with a towel and the baby fell over, threw balls at it and more. Pulled it up by the arm and tossed it into the baby carrier. The worst I ever saw. The child looked like a toy doll. Her husband said she has been in child care for years and loves children. OMG This woman is a sick-o. Cameras don't lie. Maybe grooming shops need cameras too. The world is becoming a mean place.
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