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OT-Scary close call!

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  • OT-Scary close call!

    I just had a very scary, startling moment!

    I was out getting groceries and had to park in a slightly darker part of the lot. This is a very active plaza so there's really no secluded places. I went into the store, got my groceries and headed back out to my car. I unlocked all the doors so I could put my bags in the back. I brought had brought my dogs with me because I was stopping at a Petco on the way home. I got into the car and Victor, my foster pit bull, was crawling into the front seat (naughty boy!). I hadn't even put on my seat belt or started the car when suddenly the passenger door gets thrown open by a strange man. It startled Victor enough that he turned and let out a loud WOOF! Victor has never, ever barked. He makes yodel type noises when he's excited to see me but that's it. The man throws himself backwards into the car next to me and trips onto his face. At this point my poodle starts barking her fluffy head off. Next thing I know there's five police officers swarming around my car and tackling this guy.

    Apparently this man had been caught shop lifting in the market. The police were called and it was found that he had a warrant. Right before the police arrived he some how got away from the plaza security. They were searching around the parking lot and the nearby park for him. I was totally and absolutely oblivious. I guess he had been hiding under or between cars waiting for a chance to get away. I was very lucky I had my dogs with me.

    This is the second time a pit bull I've owned has saved me from potential harm. Both of them had never even barked, much less growled at another person. Victor didn't even bark out of aggression, he was just startled! After the first woof he just sat there wagging his tail and looking cute, as always. When the police officers were talking to me, they were all taking turns petting him. I know pit bulls have a bad rap. I even understand the reasons for it but it makes me giggle just a little to think that this guy was so scared of my sweet, mushy Mister Victor T. Pibble. He's the sweetest, most loving, patient dog I've ever met. He was rescued from a fight ring and has scars all over his face and legs. Since I've had him, he's had two small dogs attack him. He's never growled, or retaliated..he's always just hid behind my legs.

    I have more hope then ever that we'll find this special boy the perfect home!

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    This is my Victor with is pillow *cough* I mean poodle!
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      Wow, Mr. Pitbull pants pulled off a fakey! Scared a stupid dumb thief! Good job on him. Sounds like a cute lil' bugger!

      Good thing it wasn't me. My 5 lb. Spike would have been barking and growling his head off, like any tough and bad Yorkie would do, showin' him the door.

      Icon, my white toy poodle who has 2" of hair on his body, and 4" on his head, would have been barking with his laringitis 1/2 debarked voice, and going in tiny 360's, lol.

      Yeah, that guy would have run his fanny end way from me if he got into my car. Mmm Hmmmm....

      Tammy in Utah
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        I LOVE... That picture, what a sweet boy!


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          Originally posted by AMelena View Post
          This is my Victor with is pillow *cough* I mean poodle!
          the pillow looks comfy!!!!!!!!!!!

          he looks happy though sweetie


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            Holy cow I would have been shaking in my boots for a while after that! Crazy people in this world thats for sure. So very glad that you had your herd of vicious dogs with you for

            Bimini my pitt mix, when I was 21, saved my cheese in about the same way. I was going on my first roadtrip by myself. Driving from south Fl to Atlanta to visit a friend who just moved there with her boyfiend. I stopped at a rest area on the pike and was sitting in my car, with the door OPEN (stupid!!!) counting my money trying to figure out how much I needed for gas to get home and how much I could use on beer and

            Bimini was laying in the back seat gnawing on a jumbo knuckle bone that I brought to keep her entertained. Something suddenly blocked my sunlight and I looked up to see this creepy looking dude that I had noticed on my way into the restroom lpicking in a garbage can, standing right there on the inside of my opened door. It was at that point I realized why my parents were so worried about me doing this roadtrip alone.....I was a dumbass.

            He didn't have to say anything, I was about to simply hand him the cash I had on my lap in seperated beer/gas piles and was already thinking of the "story" I was going to use in the phone call I'd have to make to my parents to send me money to get me home.

            I had actually forgotten about the 100 lbs of dog laying in the back seat and apparently he didn't see her through the tinted windows. Bimini suddenly came flying through the bucket seats (didn't think she could even squeeze through there!), over my lap (I had scars on my thighs from her back nails and missed them when they faded) making the scariest noises I had EVER heard from her (she was a mush like your Victor and I took her almost everywhere w/me).

            That dude probabaly attained a sprinting speed that he would have never in his wildest dreams thought possible! In the chaos I honestly don't know if she actually managed a bite or not. Luckily I managed to grab Bim's tail so she wasn't able to actually chase him.

            Really made me wake up to some of the careless and stupid things I did on a normal daily basis.........sheesh
            SheilaB from SC


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              How frightening! My goodness I am amazed you can talk about all of this! I'd say Victor gets a bronze star for bravery and a big "woof"! Good job, Victor!!

              That low-life guy probably was so relieved to to be picked up by the police and chewed up by a big old pit! Would've been a bad experience for sweet little Victor, tho'.

              So glad you and the "kids" are Ok. I am sure you will always take them to the store with you from now on if you go at night!



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                Wow, that is a scary, good thing the dogs were with you!! I would think the "Foster" Pit bull would now have a permanent home with you and I hope you bought him a special treat or toy at Petco.


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                  Awww! He's adorable!

                  I guess in that case, it's good that pit bulls have a bad rap! He saved you from potential harm. Glad it turned out okay!


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                    awesome pic

                    pits have a bad rap, usually because of nasty humans that have to seem tuff. My pit has two best buddies at the dog park that are yorkies. they make her back down. Tess thinks she is a teacup poodle, but stopped a burgler at my apartment one afternoon. I could not understand why she was barking, not her usual happy bark with tail wagging. Real snarl and scary bark. Stupidly I opened the door, and saw this guy running away. Tess actually ran around me and had him cowering against the building, even though she stayed two feet away from him, he wouldnt move. the cops and neighbors laughed and were playing wiith her as they led the guy away. He tried to say he needed to borrow a bottle opener for his beer. I have never met the man and he was from another town. Little to far to travel to borrow something, but glad I rescued my 60 pound lap dog. My disabled mom is very happy too.


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                      Victor is a hero! He repaid your kindness for giving him a loving home for sure! I love the pic of him and his poodle buddy!
                      "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"


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                        Wow I am glad you are ok. That could of turned out very bad if the police were not already on his tail.


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                          amazing how doggies know the difference between good and bad peoples! My lap Std Poo has never barked mean to anyone excpet one guy who came into my biz a few years back and then I had to hang onto him he was going to eat the guy alive!! Guy tried all sorts of thigns to get me to come near him I told him i was calling the cops who all knew me cause i groomed all their dogs and he got his rear end out really fast! I am sure if my dog had not reacted the way he did the guy would have snuck up on me and grabbed me!


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                            Girl, Bimini really DID save your bacon! Sexual assault from a drug addict or homeless person is often a death sentence. Many times homeless people are hooked on drugs & turn tricks to help "make ends meet". They are often positive for deadly STDs & angry about it, willing to take anyone & everyone down with them.
                            "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
                            People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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                              Wow that's really scary, I'm glad Victor was there to protect you, and that your all ok.

                              I never go anywhere without a dog, maybe I'm a chicken but I feel much safer with Koda (my 35lb aussie) than with any other dog, because he may be small but he has a very ferocious bark!