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  • Poor dogs nipple

    I groomed a cock-a-poo yesterday which is an outside dog with 13 others. Puppy mill? She was last groomed in November. So of course she was a hydro clip. I was grooming her belly, this dog has had many a litters (guessing by looking at the length of her nipples and size) she had hair wrapped around one of her nipples so tight it almost cut it in half. I took pictures just in case. Got the hair off, which was actually grown over with tissue in places, showed customer and he's like no big deal this can happen. I couldn't believe how he didn't seemed concerned by this. The dog was so kind to me, I'm sure she was telling me Thank You.

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    Oh I hate people who don't care about their animals...

    My dad told me the other day that he wants to get some land and have 4 shepherd females strictly for breeding purposes and sell them for a lot of money. Oh I let into him for that one. If it wasn't for my step-mom, his dogs now would never see the vet.


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      Poor dog. Owners like that make me sick. I have a few Shih Tzus that are kept by their owners as "breeders". Their done 2x a year, usually once before theyre bred and long after theyve had pups. Theyre always in horrible shape. Last time one of these "moms" was in, the owner had the nerve to brag about how the last litter paid for their Xmas. The dog came in last week; you can only imagine how matted. Too bad they don't use some of the money for regular grooming. And of course they kept another female, born in Oct but hasn't been groomed yet...ugh. I feel so sorry for these dogs.


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        These poor dogs always seem to know when a human does a kindness for them. It's so heartbreaking.
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

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          UGH I know what you mean. I met a shih-tzu breeder today and I use that term loosely. Her dogs looked like muts. They were tiny, dirty and ugly. She said to me she think she sold one they are coming to look at it. First of all this woman has no clue what it is to take care of a dog, and has no business breeding dogs. Oh well I guess if you aren't smart enough to research a breeder then you get what you get. I can't even say you get what you pay for because this backyard breeder probably charges a fortune for these little muts.


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            Someone I know has decided to bring her dog to me because the last groomer cut 3 of her nipples off. THREE!

            My theory is: first nipple = a mistake, second nipple = "Gosh, this dog's skin must be very delicate" and third nipple = "What the HECK am I doing with clippers in my hands?!!!"

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              i too have had this happen to me...i was in an aol chatroom...and then some 21 yr old girl annouces that shes going to breed her GERMAN BRED rottweiler for EXTRA money. BOY i ripped into her on that one! i said WHY are you going to breed your dog for extra money? are you planning on having her hips,elbows,eyes etc checked for BEFORE you plan on breeding her? do you know how much that is going to cost you? do you plan on taking back ANY of the puppies if the owners cannot keep them FOR LIFE? do you have any idea how much it costs to raise a litter of puppies? then you figure the worming and shot costs, the amount of food they are going to eat, the time you are going to have to spend socilizing them, the messe's they are going to make in your house...and THEN and ONLY then when they are between 8-12 wks old CAN you sell them. think about that...thats 2-3 months with pups. day out...and believe me you arent going to be making ANY kind of profit...and if the mother has some sort of complecations your going to be paying for THAT too. yeah that pretty much got her to reconsider breeding her dog...i know what a PITA it is to clean up after a litter of pups...we had a litter of malinois mix' pups that were born at the shelter i volunteered at... (mommy was a malinois)...and i loved the lil buggers...i really did...but JEEZ could they make a mess!!! pooped EVERYWHERE! it STUNK SO BAD! literally fell face first into the bowls of it was hard work cleaning up after those puppies...i swear i must have cleaned that room 3 or 4 times in a 3 hr period! that was MYSELF alone! i NEVER intend to breed dogs LOL! no way no thank you ill leave that to the professional breeders who have the time to dedicate to researching their bloodlines and such. i honestly had no idea how much work is hat goes off to all the WONDERFUL, DEDICATED breeders.


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                We have a lady with two "shihtzus" that used to breed them. Thankfully she just recently got them fixed. The female is about the right size, and she is a cutie, but she has skin and eye problems (and she's still young, mind you). The male is larger than a lhasa!

                But of course, you have to keep your mouth shut. As much as you want to say something. Well, st least she brings them in somewhat "regularly".
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