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    so about 9 weeks now my hubby and i have been taking a couple to and from church,they are a middleaged couple,neither one works i know the wife is a little handicapped walks with a cane,but other than that the seem very healthy physically,they are very sweet people,that are very down on there luck,and on the verge of being homeless,they need to be out of their home by the end of the month,and have no place to go,the really big problem here is they have 10 dogs,and its not like they live on property,its a cookie cutter subdivion with a small yard.
    so they have been asking me if i could help them find a good home for their boxers, the rest are shihtsus, and when i do find someone that is potentially a great home for these dogs,they start back peddling,well you know we might keep them,one day they have to find them other homes,and the next day they wanna keep them,i know hoarding is a mental thing,and the fact is they will never be able to find a place that will take 10 dogs,and less than 2 weeks i worry about the dogs,but i worry about them too,anyone ever dealt with this,and does this kinda of sound like a hoarding situation

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    It's definatley a hoarding problem imo, I know a guy that has 40 some afghan hounds and is on the verge of homelessness, he advertises but any potential buyer is rescue trying to take his dogs ! I gave up years ago.
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      If if it isn't a messy house with hoaring things, they probably have a lot of pee and

      poop HOARDERS I watch that tv show. Makes me want to clean even more.
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        They have a choice - go with the homes you provide them leads to or wait until animal control seizes the dogs and finds them homes instead - or euthanizes them.

        These people need a big reality check in their situation. Potential "hoarding" is a minor issue in this case, what with homelessness looming for this couple at the end of the month and ten dogs needing to find a new place to live.


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          Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
          These people need a big reality check in their situation. Potential "hoarding" is a minor issue in this case...
          If you really believe that, you don't have a clue as to how devestating this mental illness is. And it IS a mental illenss. A "...big reality check..." is not what is needed, and they wouldn't see it, no matter how hard you try to deliver it. Obsessive/Compulsive disorders are MUCH more complicated than that, and hoarding is an OCD of the great magnitude.

          They need help, but probably won't accept it. They need an intervention, but probably are not ready to recieve it. They need therapy, but probably are not willing to get it.


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            homelessness won't stop their hoarding. I witnessed a car that was stuffed to the top front to back with trash and personal belongings, only enough room for the driver and a very small dog on his lap. This man had stopped in to get his dog's nails trimmed he looked normal enough very polite informed me he was homeless and doing his best to take care of himself and his dog. When he left I went out front to take out my trash and saw the car he was in and wow. This man needs help and understanding he did return and asked me to help place his dog since he couldn't afford to feed him anymore so I took the little guy ( chihuahua mix) and found him a home. Haven't seen the man since but my hope is that he gets some help. Hope these people make it through. prayers for them and their pets.
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