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While working on my business plan I found not so good info

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  • While working on my business plan I found not so good info

    When comparing my 2008 APPA industry trends and statistics to the new 2009/2010 statistics I noticed that they yearly expenditure for pet grooming went from 127 down to 66 dollars.

    Not the best news.

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    Can you provide a link to this info? I'd certainly like to see it before I comment.
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      I can only find this years I had 2008 printed out and compared the numbers to change them on my business plan.


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        Census stats say otherwise

        As far as trends go, the census bureau stats indicate otherwise.

        I looked up infor on the Census website. They state that for our NAICS code 812910 (PET CARE, not veterinary) the revenues in our industry went from $2383 million in '07 to $2544 million in 2008. There is the link:

        Now I realize that you mention expenditures, and my states comes from the revenue end.
        Also, you link indicates that the estimated 2010 expenditure is 3.45 billion, and the 2009 expenditure was 3.36 billion.

        This industry is growing, and people are spending more and more on their pets. Also, the baby boomers are beginning to retire, and their new "children" are Fifi's desperately in need of a new "DO"

        Good luck with your business plan.


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          small paws yes the overall spending on pets has gone up it was just the yearly amount spent on grooming that went down on their charts from the 2008 spending to the 2009 spending in general it all says spending on animals and animal care still rising I was just sad to see the grooming section declined in number

          I'll check out the census link could be something else I could use