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What's your thoughts on your grooming van being your only vehicle ?

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  • What's your thoughts on your grooming van being your only vehicle ?

    Morning - I'm thinking of ideas on how to get mobile... trailer? van? I have my Toyota truck that is already paid for so I was thinking of going with a trailer....(although I have to learn to back it up - and I can do that) but then I was thinking maybe I should trade my paid for truck in on a van but that would be my only source for a vehicle. Which I would imagine at times that would be kind of wierd to show up somewhere in my mobile unit... What are your thoughts about that ? Thanks my PG friends... You are all so awesome...I LOVE this group of people...

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    A trailer might not be bad, if you can handle hauling it and of course backing up.I don't think I would want to do all of my traveling in a grooming van ,the gas mileage is not the greatest in a regular van let alone one that is much heavier and hauling all of your equipment around.. But you have you have to make the choice of what is best for you and your business .You can always find another vehicle later on if need be..


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      My mobile van is my only vehicle and I love it. I have people stop and ask me for my business card at some very odd places. I thought about having a second car for a more economical ride, but most errands and personal stuff that I do is within my service area, why would I want to leave my billboard at home? When I do travel, it is worth the gas mileage to have a climate controlled place for my dogs to stay in, and most of my travel is to dog shows, and the mobile salon is great for that too!



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        I'm not mobile , but as many threadsashave been on here latley about van gremlins, it would make nervous.
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          We have a mobile rig

          My car, and his two cars. One is free from his profession. His are SUVs. he was just given a trade in cuz they said the Toyota had too many miles. I am glad the new car is NOT a Toyota. I, would not like to use my rig for my only transportation, but I do stop at the grocery store on my way home. I did that today. Sometimes it is hard to park it and back out too. I have driven it to Costco and it is easy to find in any parking lot. LOL I bought my rig used.


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            I'm like puligroomer...

            while my husband and I have been living in separate states, my elite has been my only mode of transportation. It really doesn't bother me to drive it, although the gas mileage is horrible. I live out in the country so I tend to do my errands on the way home after I'm done for the day. I certainly don't need to drive all the way home just to pick up another vehicle to go all the way back into town?? And also, it's been great for advertising. People see my truck EVERYWHERE!'s easy to find in the parking lot!! forgetting where I parked!