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  • Groomer foot pain & shoes

    After many months of foot pain, I have recently found out that I have Plantar Fasciitis and will appearently be spending a small fortune on my shoes from now on. Has anyone tried Z Coil shoes. If so, can you tell me your opinion of them, are they worth the money. I don't know if standing on a coiled spring all day would be good or bad? Thanks.

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    I don't know about the Z coil shoes, but i swear by my keens. Best shoes ever.


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      I'm sorry, I know nothing about coil shoes. However, I can tell you that I love my Skecher Shape ups. My feet do not hurt and are not horribly tired at the end of the day and they make you stand up posture has improved greatly. The shoe slopes off at the heel so it basically forces you to 'balance' on the ball of the foot, in turn, you stand up straighter. Kinda feels like walking in sand a bit until you get used to them. Hope that might help.


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        I have Planter's Fasciitis as well. Actually, if you do a search for that there's a really great thread I started where people gave some great shoe ideas.

        Anyways, the Z Coils are really nice and I find them worth the money. I didn't have to resort to those, however. I found that I do fine with certain crocs or, more particularly, an kind of show that is slightly sloped with a padded heel. I also stand on a squishy orthopedic mat thing while grooming and I have a stool to sit down as much as possible. On long days, I soak my feet at night and sometimes apply ice to them. If I don't, then when I wake up the next morning I can't walk very well. I've also found that playing the Wii Fit has really helped. It encourages correct posture and a lot of the exercises really stretch my feet out.


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          I have had that a few years ago and I bought a good pair of athletic shoes and some good insoles. It cleared right up Have only had a couple of flair ups since. I don't think you need to spend boo-coo bucks on shoes, as long as what you get has great support and heel cushion.

          Hope you get happy feet soon.


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            I use insoles, but a ladt just told me those z things felt great at first then it was like walking on bedsprings .
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              I have had that problem, too. I found that a good pair of motion control running shoes works wonders, sometimes adding an arch support type of insert helps, too. I personally like the Brooks Addiction running or walking shoes with the Superfeet insole added. If you can get to a good running store like Fleet Feet (I don't know if there is one of those near you, but they are in various areas around the country), the salespeople are trained to evaluate your foot and gait so they can fit you in the best shoe for you.

              My roommate had the shoes with the coils in them and after a few days they started really hurting her feet more.

              On long days, I soak my feet at night and sometimes apply ice to them.
              A physical therapist told me that a good way to apply ice is to freeze water in a 20 oz. plastic Coke bottle and then roll it under your foot. The shape of the coke bottle helps stretch your foot while you apply the ice. It works great.


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                best money ive spent is on the ugly scetcher shape ups ugly but my feet or back dont hurt as much as they used to hardy at all


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                  My chiro recommended the Skecher Shape Ups. I was skeptical but gave em a try and all I can say is WOWEE, are these things comfy! Oddly, though, they must be really noticeable because I get at least one person a day asking me about my shoes. It seems to be the first thing they notice!
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                    I love my z-coils!!!!! I will buy another pair. I was having so much trouble with my feet to my hips, I mean everything in between,(icy hot was my best friend) Since I have had my z-coils I hardly make any trips to the chio anymore. I do recc get a closed heel (I will next time) I've gotten the clipper cord cought in the coil before. well well worth the money for me.


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                      I am also a fan of Skeetcher Shape-Ups! I am on my second pair and my feet have been soo happy since I started wearing them. I get the plain old nurse-looking white ones because they are fully covered and my feet don't get wet.

                      As a person w/height issues I also enjoy the added inch that I have when wearing I stand on my toes I am positively statuesque (in my mind anyway)!

                      I also thought it was kind of ironic that in reading the booklet that comes w/them before I bought a pair I was a little concerned because they say they will make you feel unbalanced until you get used to them. Anyone who knows me knows that I have enough problems w/my balance w/out any help from First time I tried them on I actually felt more graceful and balanced than ever in memory.......

                      Maybe the way they are made helps to counter balance whatever my deficiency
                      SheilaB from SC