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  • Tomorrow is the big day

    I'm doing the news segment tomorrow. So I thought it would be best to take the van to the car wash to make sure she was anice and clean on the outside. The closest car wash that will fit her is a 20 minute drive from my house and a 40 minute drive from where I was tonight. So I get there, scrub her down with the foaming brush and go to turn on the sprayer thing to wash and rinse and the dang thing has a HOLE in the hose! I was immediately drenched, but having no real choice in the matter, as she was covered in blue foam, I continued to get soaked as I rinsed off all the soap. You know, if it's comical, it seems to find me!
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    hehehehehehehehehe. ooooooo sooooo exciting, good luck, cant wait to hear how it went.


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      Years from now when your kids are all grown and you are rich and famous (and retired) you will look back on this car wash event and laugh as it was just a stepping stone in your experience.

      I just hope it wasn't so cold that you are now sick! You poor dear girl!

      Hope the Big Day goes well, can't wait to hear about it!



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        Sounds like an I Love Lucy episode! It was like me the first day in my mobile with the Bathing Beauty which is MUCH more powerful than the SuperSudser in the old van I was used to. I plopped my shampoo into the well with the water in it, turned it on and Oh MY! The SUDS! I was afraid they would get so big they would start over flowing the tub! It was like the Blob! Needless to say, I spent lots of time spraying them down and beating them back! Hope your interview goes great! Tell us all how it went!


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          Good you got the disaster out of the way BEFORE the news people get there ,, smooooooth sailing now !
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            Well the interview was fun. I was a little nervous at first, but once I got in there I just went into grooming mode. Which may not have been the best thing because I was wearing a mic and when I'm chatting while grooming I tend to say things that maybe shouldn't be on TV. Like making a comment (I'm talking to the dog mind you) when the dog put up a fuss about the sanitary shaved that I understood because I had been prepped for a C-section. I'm just used to being able to chat with the dogs. But they took an hour and a half of tape and have to condense it down to 2 minutes, so I doubt that will make it on there. But the news anchor, besides being ultra skinny and making me look like the big orca whale next to her, was very nice. So they supplied the dog, a Yorkie. They forgot to tell me he'd never been groomed before. Oh well, no biggie. He was matted, but I knew that ahead of time. It was supposedly a trim, but when I got there, saw his condition and was pretty much told "anything goes" I did a #2 lamb trim with a teddy bear head. Fitting three adutls and a camera in the van, plus dog, was interesting. When the guy was putting the mic on me he asked me how "supportive my pants were" LOL. I asked why and he said the battery thing for it was heavy. I told him he could try it and if my pants fell down, just to make sure he didn't show that on TV. Thankfully, even though they were just elastic grooming pants, they held. So Farley, the dog, didn't like the bath much. I washed his body and she washed his head. I showed her how to use the dryer and she dried his back end and I did the rest. I showed her how to use the 2 comb on his back and she clipped his body from the shoulders back, she was afraid to get too close to the head. I rounded one foot and she tried scissoring the leg. I had explained that with Yorkie coat, it will show every scissor mark. I had demos one leg already and then she did the next and was shocked at how every little snip showed. I then went and fixed the leg LOL. I told her 99% of what she did, unless she shaved him bald, I could fix, so not to worry. She did pretty well with the clippers. She said it was the most fun she's had doing one of these segments and also the easiest since I came right to her. She was thoroughly impressed with my set up (which I had to laugh inwardly about since my old gal is anything but flashy compared to so many other mobiles on the road) and I talked about my new one coming. I was up until 1:30am cleaning and reorganizing the van last night because I ended up working last night when I hadn't planned on it and my groomer had it during the day. But every surface got a thorough scrub down! Even the ceiling! Which I really should paint and was going to but ran out of time.
            ANYWAY, it will be on Wednesday at 4pm and she said it will be online shortly after it airs.

            Oh and last night, it was cold, but not horrible, the water was ice cold and the heat doesn't work in my van, but the van was nice and clean at least. Not like my poor aunt. She was in formal attire going to her younger daughters wedding and wanted my uncle to take the car through the car wash (the kind that the car actually moves through it and someone comes out and sprays it down before it goes in). Well, she asked my uncle to roll down the window and let the man know they were in a hurry to get to a wedding and as he did the man started spraying the car and hosed my aunt down. In her purple water taffeta dress !(this was in the 80's, taffeta was big then LOL). So it could have been worse
            What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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              Congrats on the interview going smoothly! Can't wait to see it! You're going to post a link right?
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