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    I am a confessed website snooper, I guess thats what you call me. Sooo, I have been looking at a lot of groomers websites. I am by no means an expert. and mine is far from perfect. But I have to say, a lot of the website have typos, sideways photos, photos w/hair clippings and equipment on the tables. Dogs w/a lot of bling on them distracting from the groomers skill. And all the 'packages', thank you for that one, I redid that part of my website...Glad I am not the one who has to keep track of all those packages! LOL...In all seriousness and not to sound like I am bashing anyone. Sometimes IMO simplicity is better. I have my business listed as a day spa, which I am dropping the day spa part and simplifying, name is too long and 90% of my clients do not write it out anyway. And I simplified my Services page on my website, but I am too shy to share right now because I have more work to 'fix' on it.
    Anyway, my service page is to the point, instead of, for example... spaw package A, I just put Complete groom and listed what is included.
    Spaw package B-Bath/brush, listed whats included-those are the big hairy brushouts, to the bassets, to the pugslys.
    Spaw package C-simply typed in as Maintenance Regimen exclusively for pets on a 4-6 week complete grooming schedule who want to look and feel their best all of the time.

    Anyway, again, not to bash anyone, its just my point of view. I guess what i am saying is, dont make the services so 'complicated'. I am just thinking its easier on you and the client. cut and dried..literally, LOL.

    Which leads me to my next pet peeve....Guilty as charged!!! That would be me....listing every AKC recognized breed and putting a price next to them..OMG what is wrong w/me??!!!
    There was a post on the mobile board about charging by the hour...makes sense for all of us...Can easily simplify lumping dogs into categories rather than listing every single breed and or variation of the breed....

    Small-Fits in one of those cut over the shoulder carriers and can be carried all day.
    Medium-Wont fit into a cute carrier, can be carried here and there but not all day.
    Large-Can be picked up and put on a table, cannot be carried around.
    Extra Large-Puts head in your lap while watching TV but you cant see the TV if they are in your lap.
    Giant-IS the coffee table while you are watching TV.

    Oh and thank you for whomever the person was who came up w/those definitions. Love them!

    Maybe someone else who IS and expert on website presentation has something more to add or subtract to my post.

    I certianly do not want to start any argument, just wanted to post my opinion and my guilt as well LOL.

    Thank you for reading/listening

    And I probably have typos and incorrect grammer in this post, I use spell/grammer checker a lot, lol.

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    I also thought of something else, I have been really looking at my website from a customer point of view. Take my Policies page...I have Policies listed as Pawlicies...cute huh...but as cute as that is (tiny bit of sarcasm there) it professional? Do the clients view us as serious professionals when we do those things?
    Policies typed out as Pawlicies..may project that I do not take my policies seriously. Just a thought. So I changed it to say Policies.
    I do however list nail trims as Paw'ticures...maybe that is where the 'cute' is acceptable?
    Things to ponder, eh? lol


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      I don't really know what catagorie my website fits into and I don't know if it has typos or grammatical errors...I just know my 17 year old daughter made it up from stuff we had layin' around the house and it serves the purpose ;-)
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        Here is my favorite funny about website design. This site is made by a web designer and the cartoon is geared towards web designers, but it drives the point home.

        How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell:
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          Yea for Paw'ticures....however we spell it!!!

          Not korney....just marketing the fun side of doggie dirty hair!
          I agree about the websites. I know they aren't're not bashing our industry, just making an accurate observation.
          A note about communicating to the client: for a while, I kept advertising my salon as a husband kept saying, "Just call it GROOMING!!!"
          I, too, wonder why we see photos of hair, hair, trash cans, etc. in marketing photos. Some sites also seem to accentuate their nasty policies. I'd rather keep any flea issues off the web..its too much of a 'slap them in the face' attitude. Remember, our clients bring in their babies to us.
          Let's all work to step it up a notch!!


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            I agree simplicity is important and I've tried to do that with my website. I give general info of what's included (ears, nails, glands, etc) I don't go too in depth and I don't list prices because there's just too many variables. I prefer to give estimates case by case.

            You're right, some websites are a mess. Typos and my personal fav, websites that aren't compatible with other browsers. The get jumbled up, text overlapping and such. I made sure to view mine on IE, Safari and Firefox (which I use when I browse).

            I wouldn't say using cute spelling is unprofessional. If you are consistent, maintain a brand and otherwise providing excellent service, I think it's fine. I personally do not like it, just my preference. If you're not going to use "Pawlicies" don't use "Pawticure". Use both or none, consistency.

            I'm a big website snooper too. I hope you share yours with us, we might be able to give some helpful insight. Someone on the board found a tiny typo that everyone else, including myself, didn't notice. Here's mine, it's always being tweaked:
            That Tenacious Terrier!


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              I agree...

              my hubby is the web designer that advertises here (Web Wise) and so I see a lot of websites in all aspects of business. It is a common problem. I am personally not a good speller. I am not great at articulating what I want to say sometimes, so I knew I could never do my own. I feel that a person doing their own website is like one of our clients trying to groom their own dog. Sometimes they get it right, but sometimes they don't! I see about 1/2 of the groomer website (that are not professionally done) that are really good sites. And the other half are not great. My website drives my business. I do no other advertising. I want my best foot forward and that's why I want it done professionally. Same reason we make our dogs look as good as possible when they leave here - customers want "pretty."



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                I have gotten a lot of compliments from clients on my webpage. I even had a client say she saw two mobile webpages, but called me because the other one hardly had any information on it. I do list prices, because I'm busy and I don't want to deal with price shoppers all day. My site needs a major overhaul though. I wanted to add more pages and thei website design thing wasn't compatible with how I was using Front page. Honestly, I don't really understand how and why, just know I did what hubby directed and had to pretty much redo my entire website in order to add pages. I have been meaning to go back in and clean it up because it doesn't look as nice as it once did, but I'm having trouble with my files in FP and it seems hubby and I never have the time to work on it together. Eventually, I will get it back to looking as nice as it once did.
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                  Hmmm, can you give us your web site addy?


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                    I have been going over websites lately too, I'd like to overhaul our site, but will leave that for the day when I buy the business I think! lol! For now I'm just tweaking it to try and improve it... It certainly is interesting to look at groomers sites, some of them really are nasty, though I'm sure the groomers are nice enough....!!

                    Do post your site henrythe8th! I know you're still tweaking, but so am I....
                    (right now I'm about to make a banner.... lol!)


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                      Yours i did run across when I was snooping and I loved it! I love the name of your biz, the little mail truck and jealous of the elite, LOL.
                      All the websites I snooped made me really take a look at mine. I did do it myself using network solutions website builder tool. I think it turned out ok but would obviously be better if I hired a pro to do it. I can't figure out how to add music, do the pic fade in and out, things like that, its pretty simple.
                      I need to get pics of my work on the site and change a few things. Like I mentioned before I am too shy to show it just yet....Always worried what people will think...
                      My portfolio is 'under construction', and the rest of my pics on the site are just temps I googled and it let me copy and paste, they look a lot like calendar pictures.
                      I plan to 'fix' it all this week. Then I will share it. lol
                      All the websites that everyone listed to my post are wonderful. They really look nice.

                      Anyway, I really hope I did not offend anyone w/this post. Just got me thinking about how I/we present ourselves and the example I used for Policies..spelling it Pawlicies..present that i do not take my policies seriously and neither should the client?...
                      I think it might be because cutesy is not me, its not my personality. Eww maybe I am all business, just an uptight stick in the mud, lol.. Hmm, I may have just learned something about myself. I think I might be boring. lollol.


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                        ok, well scrap trying to put music on your site, *please*!! If a site throws music at me, I leave without even looking furthur. And many people do! I never leave if there's no music. Some people like music, but you'll loose the customers that don't like it if you go there!!!

                        And if you have a page 'under construction', remove the link to it!!! I HATE going to a page, especially when I used to be on dial up I'd wait until it had all loaded, and the blimmin thing was 'under construction'! ugh! If it's not done, remove the link so people can't go there! When it's up and running, put the link back and you're good to go.


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                          Here are my two.

                          One is for the salon in a vet hosp and the other is my own house call business that I do on the side. I did find a typo today in one that I have to go back and fix tonight but I get a lot of compliments


                 (house call)

                          I am having a difficult time getting pics to format on the house call site. it uses diff software