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what do you do with your blades?

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  • what do you do with your blades?

    where do you all keep your blades? I have mione In a jewelry box but everytiem I get a new blade I have to rearange them all I ordered 3 more blades now I know they wont all fit.

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    I have a plexiglass blade holder that holds about 20 blades-still not enough, so a few that I use daily are set in front of the rack. Think I got it at Pet Edge...or Ryans.
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      I use blade caddies. But the tackle box with adjustable trays workswell ifyou need to move them alot. or are house call.
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        I bought these nice little plastic containers that are rectangular and filled with small squares. They are made to store embroidery threads in them. The squares in them are the perfect size for blades.
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          I have a plastic blade holder. It holds most of my blades.


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            I use a bead storage box from the Walmart craft section. I'm sure one could find something similar/better from Michaels, Joanns's etc. I can fit about 4-5 each of #30, #10, #4, #5, #7. I also fit (1) 3/4", (2) 1/2", (2) 15, and (3) 8.5. The blades all sit either straight up and down or lean at a slight angle. The box is maybe 6" x 8" and holds all the above blades w/ is about 33, plus some extra blade parts. It has a snap shut lid. I probably wouldn't recommend it for anyone who travels a lot w/ their blades, it gets pretty heavy when it is that full and when it isn't that full the blades tend to shift around leaving room for possible breakage during movement. It would work well if moved flat and full, but again, quite heavy.
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              I too put my extra blades in a blade box and the ones I use every day are on a magnet strip.


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                I use a storage item from my husband's workshop - it's meant to store nuts/bolts/screws and it has tip-out bins just big enough to hold blades OR my snap-on combs. I have 2 of them.

                Each bin is labelled with whatever size of blade/comb is in it. Works great. I have one bin for blades, another for combs. Each bin on mine will hold 4 blades.

                Here is a link to one similar to what I have: