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Had to send dog home :(

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  • Had to send dog home :(

    I've groomed TONS of dogs that bite or were aggressive, but today is only the second time I've ever had to send one home ungroomed. A small brittany/springer mix who will take treats, wag her tail and shake paws for her cookie. Anything else, she is all teeth.

    I even had Dad come back and put the muzzle on her because I was bit twice trying to. I tried everything I know how to do. Couldn't even get near her without treats.

    As soon as Dad left, she started freaking out and throwing herself around and got the muzzle off. Her eyes were getting red. The vet tech from the vet 3 doors down came down to try to help me AND we had bite gloves. I got bit two more times. He even said he wouldn't touch it again.

    I hate sending a dog home.

    She didn't break the skin, but sometimes those bites are worse! I should have called it at the first bite, but I had a slower day and I had groomed their friends Springer with rave reviews the other day and I really wanted to try.

    I just feel bad. I'm the first one to aay to others to send a dog home before risking a bite, but I do so many dogs that have been kicked out of our Petsomething (this dog was) without issue.

    I'm just kind of venting here. I know I am doing the right thing for myself AND the dog, but I still feel bad about it.
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    why do you feel so bad? those people need to spend some serious time dealing with their dogs issues, this is a very dangerous animal. What if you got a bad enough bite and were out of work? I know a coworker who had the tip of her nose taken off by a springer. What if the dog got freaked out enough and it died from all the stress? Is that really worth a haircut?


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      Don't feel bad! There are just some dogs that are too dangerous to groom without being anesthetized, and this sounds like one of them.

      One of the hardest things I think we need to learn is when to say "Enough" and send a dog home. And that's what you did. It was a wise decision, not something you should feel bad about.


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        Do not feel bad. You tried, you gave it your best, enough said. A dog with behavioral issues is not a cause for us to put your future health and earning possibilities on the line. I used to feel like you do but I have learned you can't help/ fix them all. Bravery gets you no where.

        I'm glad that you had a second set of hands to help you attempt muzzling this dog. It is also fortunate that this second set of hands was an experienced dog person.



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          i wouldnt feel bad at all not your fault the dog is nutso,i feel bad for you deaLING with that dog


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            I used to feel bad , now I am sooo relieved to get that over. It upsets the other dogs as well as the danger to you and the dog being out of control, or should I say in control . Smart on your part to end it .
            ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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              I sent one home unfinished last Monday. She bit me twice, drawing blood both times. Second bite went right through my fingernail. I HATE when that happens. That hurts. lol I just couldn't control the dog at all. She was going berserk and wanted to eat me.

              I felt bad about it. I think (for me anyway) it was more about feeling defeated. I groom a couple dogs that no other groomer will touch and they do fine for me.... so when I get one like the one I had Monday, it makes me feel like there is something wrong with ME.

              One of these days, maybe when I'm tired of getting teeth poked through my fingernails, I'll get over that guilty feeling.


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                In most cases if a dog is sent away from a petsomething it is due to aggressive behavior. if a dog has to be sedated or are muzzled for the duration of the groom ,they must go elsewhere. I work for corp part time and we are given time limits for the allowed time a dog can be muzzled if at all.We have found that most breeds that do and will bite cannot be muzzled at all .We deal with them to the best of our abilities But bottom line is if we can not safely groom a dog due to its behavior we must send it away. I groom the majority of difficult dogs I will try anything once twice if i like it lol.. However if I send it packing there isn't a groomer in the salon that will attempt it.. and even I have my limits on how long I will try. You have to know your limitations as well .You are Not the failure if a dog is intolerant ..The owner is at fault for not teaching this dog how to behave for you.. I agree with helly, dogs like this should be put under.. if you do not work in a vet clinic where this can be done for you send it to one that can.. No dog is worth risking severe injuries over.