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  • Cute Text Message

    I received this text the other day. Too cute not to share.

    Handle every stressful situation like a dog would.
    If you cant eat it or hump it piss on it and walk away.

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    Lmao,,,,,,,, thats too funny,,, thanks!


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      I have several varieties of this in my salon brought in by customers. check out online to find the 'right' breed for you...
      Me being the terrier person I am,
      'Live life as a terrier - if you cant eat it, mate with it or terrorize it... chew it up, piss on it & walk away"

      others Ive liked;
      Live life as a Poodle - if you cant eat it, hump it, get it to adore you... piss on it & walk away.
      there are several breed specific ones ...look for them online.. I think they are very funny and customers even get a giggle when they see them.