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    Anyone ever nip a tongue with shear? Bleeds like crazy. It seemed like it stopped, but I ran her to the vet anyway. Had to put her out to get good look at tongue. Then he super-glued it. Said it was just a tiny nip, but the tongue DOES bleed. Parents were very understanding. My insurance should pay for it, but do you think I should still charge them? All we hace left to do are the nails.

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    Usually if you nick the dog bad enough to go to the vet no you would not charge them for the haircut.

    I have seen a few dogs bite their own tongue, and I had a dog lick my thinning shears once which cut his tongue pretty bad. I've never seen or heard of a dog going to the vet over a tongue injury though. But usually they are just a tiny scratch and it just bleeds crazy for a minute or two and full on stops and heals up.

    If they knew what happened and knew he went to the vet I wouldn't charge them personally.


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      Yes, I've nipped two tongues. One was a clients dog, and AE and it was right as the finish when I was trimming his feet. He licked just as I snipped the hair. Grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his neck so the blood wouldn't get all over him and called the owner. No big deal with the owner. I had been grooming her dogs for years and she knew I wouldn't do anything like that on purpose. The dog never got any blood on his pretty white fur.

      Just the other day I was trimming around Toby's (my dog) face and he licked just as I snipped his fur. He didn't yelp or anything. Thought I had actually not gotten it, then I noticed the tinniest little bit of blood. I felt so awful. He didn't bleed long thank goodness.

      I didn't need to take either dog to the vet. The owner paid me for the groom job too.
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        I've done this once and it bleed like CRAZY. It wasn't a bad nick, but it doesn't have to be to LOOK bad!

        The owner was very understanding and all was ok in the end.

        Pixie, my lil dog was a white poodle, almost done and i ended up having to re-bath him after my heart attack!


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          I nicked the tongue of a little bichon once. Right at the end of the groom. He started panting and sprinkled tiny drops of blood all over himself!! It was awful, but not at all serious. His owner said "tongues heal the fastest".

          The first time I ever cut a dog bad enough for it to bleed, it was a poodle who licked my scissors. I freaked out and called the owner immediately. The important lesson I learned that day was to stop the bleeding and CALM DOWN before calling the owner!


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            Oh's never happened to me personally but it's happened to many people I've worked with and known. Don't feel too of the original members of GroomTeam USA I knew completely cut off the tip of a Bedlington tongue several years ago. The dog licked right as she was scissoring the face and that was that.

            The good news is that even though tongues bleed pretty crazily, they heal pretty quickly too. With the Bedlington we manually kept his mouth shut and the blood ended up stopping of it's own volition after about twenty minutes.

            I agree with Poodleyluv though on this one-because the dog was injured badly enough in your care for a vet visit I would not charge the owner for the groom. Chalk it up as a business expense, we know getting into this industry we have to take hits like this every now and again.
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              I nicked one and the owner was sitting at my table while I was grooming her dog. I was using the thinners under her chin and and she licked and it nicked. blood everywhere. I was more upset than the owner. I kept asking her if she wanted to take her to the vets and she said no it will stop bleeding as soon an the dog settles down. The dog has the fasted tongue in the south and I have to watch her closely but that day she was too quick.


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                Ah the joys of working at a vet. I have have tongues injured twice. Once was from scissors and the second time I'm not sure what happened. So I took them to the vet. They said that any mouth injuries bleed like mad. She actually told me that you couldn't glue them (maybe she just meant the particular cuts on the dogs). They bleed but the heal really fast.
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                  I've done this a few times the one that sticks in my mind the most is a little gut that loved to lick in his face hair and I had his mouth held shut but he still managed to get his tongue out just enough to get the edge. Bled like mad.. I keep a small fridge in the shop with a freezer section with ice. Got him to drink the ice water helped slow the bleeding down so i could see how bad it was. Couldn't even find the nick at the time I was grooming right next to a vet clinic and vet sent a tech over to have a peek and the little guy didn't need anything done. It happens owners were great about it. If I have to take a dog to the vet then most of the thime I don't charge for the groom. Sorry it happened to you.
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                    well i thought i nicked a tongue it bled like crazy looked like a murder scene it was awful,and it was a white dog,well after it stopped bleeding i looked and i actually nicked the inside of his mouth,just a teeny tiny little thing i felt awful but that dog was so naughty too


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                      I've seen it from a dog licking shears a few times, does bleed like the dickens but then stops after what seems like an hour but is fine after that. It'd depend on the client and your shop policies as to whether you charge them or not. I personally would have charged them since it was something so small. If it required stitches and a follow up vet visit by the owner I wouldn't feel right taking their money, kind of like punishing myself for screwing up.


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                        I did it once, not being able to leave well enough alone.

                        I had finished the groom but spotted that one odd, stray hair on the side of mouth that made absolutely no difference at all, but I dove in to snip it off anyway.

                        I had a grip on the muzzle, the dog was cooperative, and just as I snipped, out shot the tongue and I clipped it on the size. It bled for a minute, then stopped. No big deal. Dog didn't even react except to get a weird look on his face while he was licking from the blood in his mouth.

                        Well, I owned up to the nick and didn't charge Mom for the groom. Showed it to her and told her it would heal up nicely, it was an accident, Fido would be just fine.

                        Mom went into a cataclysmic nuclear meltdown over it. You would have thought I had chopped the dog's head off with an axe. Big dramatic scene. And this in spite of the fact in the past she had admitted to us not only did the dog belong to her son, but she actually didn't like the hoont. She considered him an infernal pest and resented having to take charge of him.

                        When the boss mentioned those past comments as a counter to Mom's theatrics, Mom responded by saying it took this terrible injury to her precious little doggy to make her fully understand how much she adored his loveable little self and she didn't want evil ol' me to ever torture the darling of her life again.

                        That was fine with me. I told the boss she could do the tyke from now on. Mom never tipped anyway so it was no skin off my nose, not doing that dog.


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                          only with clippers

                          I've never cut a tongue with shears, just clippers, but my sister cut a tongue with her shears the other day... She just basically grazed it and cut off the surface. it only bled a tiny bit and only for about 30 seconds.

                          The vet I used to work for said there really isn't much they can do for a tongue nick anyway, and that they bleed like heck and are usually fine. dog mouths are designed to clean themselves very quickly.


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                            I've did it a couple years ago with a tiny shorkietzu...the previous groomer had cut the tongue on one side, I cut it on the other (dog had a habit of licking while working on the face).
                            I left it alone, didn't charge, told mom, and left it at that. Mom continued to bring me the dog for another year and then just stopped showing up until recently when she called and wanted an appt.

                            My ex cut the tongue on a cocker and no matter how many times I told him to leave it alone, he insisted on trying to get it to stop by applying pressure. Damn man would listen to a thing I had to say. Finally stopped bleeding but not after the ex made a towel look like there was a blood bath. Again, didn't charge; told the parents and left it at that. We still see them.

                            Cut tongues bleed like a SOB!!
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                              A tongue nick is kinda like a pad nick. It bleeds like the dickens and is hard to get to stop. It also seems almost like a "rite of passage" for being a groomer.

                              If possible, try to get the dog to lick a piece of ice to slow or stop the bleeding.

                              I wouldn't charge for this groom since the dog had to go to the vet.
                              SheilaB from SC