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    I am looking for a new front desk and was wondering where some of you got yours, or what you may use as a front/reception desk. I just cant decide what I want to get! lol......

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    Most places I worked at had their reception descks custom built to meet their space needs.


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      It would depend on the 'look' you want. I do not have a recption desk. If I did it would be utilatariun, or country park like. It shouldmatchyour decoratind theme. jmo
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        They are kinda pricey but I was looking through Iv San Bernard's catalogue and I loved theirs! Very modern and nice looking. Depending on the kind of feel/decor you want to establish, that might be worth checking out.
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          we ended up using old kitchen cabinets. Had to cut off the bottom to meet legalities (handicapped accesable) then used easy clean wain-scotting on the front, painted the back and used plywood for the top. We then found tiles on clearance that pretty closely matched our flooring and poof... really cool, very inexpensive front counter.

          Ive known some to use simple 2 drawer file cabinets with plywood & trimmed up or even an old door on top... paint it all and you have custom for less. You can even find the silouettes or use clients photos behind a plexiglass front to really show you care about them.

          just a few ideas.. hope you find the right thing for you


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            Yeah, my mom built ours. It is HUGE. It used to be even bigger before our recent move--8 ft long I believe. She loves building things, and she is a perfectionist so it always looks great once it's finally finished. I'll post some photos of the new place and desk soon. Gotta show off a bit, our new shop is such an upgrade from the place we were in before.


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              Take a look at KC Store Fixtures. When I got my front counter I looked at a gazillion websites and thought they had the best combination of price and selection. Good luck!