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    Had a nice talk with the guy who is over service at Laube yesterday and he asked me to post this info.

    Laube apologizes for the inconvienence of not being able to get anyone at service in the last week or so. A water pipe had burst and took out the whole phone system. They did get the ansering machine part up and going, but the phones out and in are still down. By Monday he said things should be almost back to normal and they be able to return more calls.

    I asked about the Ivac problems mentioned on different boards and service in general and he said he would look into this to see what is or has happened. The biggest problem he says is many do not send in the warranty card and/or complete contact info which slows down the process. Many items come in for warranty with broken cases, worn out drives, broken off switches, etc. and these are not warranty items.

    So Laube is aware of your problems and concerns, and will make any appropriate changes needed to make service better and run smoother. Laube does try their best to make their customers happy and most of the time they do. Keep giving them feed back good or bad on their products or service so they have this info to make changes if needed.

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    Sounds like my place of employment. Today our water heater broke (as my English Cocker sat covered in SUDS! Thank goodness it was a moisturizing shampoo, he sure needed it! Then the phones had been down all day, we still don't know what happened, and they are still not working.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate