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    I haven't been around much for the last week. Been busy with all sorts of new clients. Then in the midst of everything my home computer decided to die. Luckily my step-son does online computer repair and was able to help me move some important files to my netbook so I could keep working and in the mean time he tested the hard drive and found it to be just fine. He then narrowed it down to the motherboard going out. Found a exact replacement and installed it a little while ago. So far everything seems to be working just fine. I was sweating it since I didn't have 500 for a new PC.

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    Good for dsil ! Saved you some big bucks. Welcome back !
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      being I am severely techy challenged... I do not know most of what you described.. LOL.

      I do know if you own your own business, you can look into leasing a pc, good deal I think. Small monthly payments that still end up being less than buying and replacement if something goes wrong.. cool deal (IMHO) best part... is a write off for business is you do online anything for your work.

      something to think about anyhow, it works great for us