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A Different Way to Dry Special-Needs Dogs

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  • A Different Way to Dry Special-Needs Dogs

    I never saw this mentioned before so I thought I would post it.

    I get in some dogs that are just impossible to dry because they either attack the dryers, cannot be caged because they will try to tear through the bars, or are too arthritic to get into a cage because they cannot stand to get back out, etc., etc.

    Today was another one of those days...groomed the most massive Lab I have ever seen in my life. This dog was morbidly obese and the size of a large Mastiff. He must of weighed close to 200lbs and his hips were a mess - he could barely stand under his own weight and had massive rolls of blubber hanging...unbelievable...

    Anyway, I put these types of dogs in an indoor kennel run with an overhead heat lamp; the same type of lamp you use to heat newborn puppies in a whelping box. I cover the bottom of the run with dry towels to soak up excess moisture. This set up works really well since the dogs have a low stress/passive way to dry, and crippled dogs have more room to stand up and reposition themselves.

    Of course safety is always a factor with any type of drying, and in this case you must be sure the heat lamp is securely fastened overhead and out of reach with no exposed wires or bulbs to prevent thermal burns - the surface of these bulbs get really hot.

    Anyone else use and alternate drying methods for special needs dogs?

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    I have used box fans in an exercise pen with those mess outdoor dog beds so that if the dog lays down air is still flowing underneath of it.
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      As a matter of fact I do... I had one come in today. He is about 11 or 12 (owner is not quite sure, he is a rescue) he was born deformed. His hind legs actually fold over so he walks on the tops of his feet, the owner goes through about 2-3 pairs of heavy duty dog shoes a year. His hips are also misshapen so he can only stand by sheer force of muscle (bones dont even touch in x-ray) he is about 60 lbs... but the most interesting part... he is a chow!

      Several other groomers refused him (he can have attitude Ill say) so I use the pup tent with padding under his belly. He just swings there, enjoying his prowess (so long as someone is telling him what a big boy he is...LOL), he doesnt mind that I am using a HV at all. I think he thinks it is cool to be standing (well for him anyway) for so long. When I get him almost dry, (he hates his head being touched) I put him down in a stall and have a fan blowing on him... now he thinks he is in a race car or something.. what a character he is but it works great.


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        D'tails, next time add a box fan with that heat lamp. Not only will he dry even faster, there's less chance he'll overheat.


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          Originally posted by RPS View Post
          I put him down in a stall and have a fan blowing on him... now he thinks he is in a race car or something.. what a character he is but it works great.
          Too funny

          Helly, I do have a blower I aim in there but it is too small so a box fan is on my list of things to buy. The last one I bought was made in China and lasted about 3 months with light use before the motor burned out.