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Well its official yesterday was my birthday and it was the WORST EVER

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  • Well its official yesterday was my birthday and it was the WORST EVER

    It started out great had to renew my plates did that with no problems in and out in 10 minutes. Then get the call from my better half that my car (THAT I JUST PAID OFF) is acting up. Then I get a call from the principal telling me my son was in the office cause he was caught passing notes that said " and" don't get that one cause my kids are not on the computer pretty much ever.(unless its for school and I am right there). Then my better half buys me something and its too small and he keeps telling me to "try it on it will fit" Uh hello I know what size I WEAR DUH. I love him for at least trying.... Then the real kicker is my landlord calls and tells me she really needs to sell the house so I will have to move out by May 1. So with that I crawled into bed and curled up into a ball and cried a little. I was not prepared for this and what a way to spend my day...... Just had to share lol...

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    Glad days like that are few nd farbetween ! Sorry it ruined your b-day. Happy belated birth day.
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      So sorry your birthday stunk. When things go so wrong, they can only go up from there. Hope things look up soon and when you have a day going great, just go ahead and celebrate you special day then instead. We'll never tell
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        AWWWWWWW. I am so sorry.

        I have grown kids now so that stuff doesn't make me crazy ...

        The clothes being too small would definitely hurt my feelings but i probably would have tried it on to make my hubby laugh ------------- or cry???

        The car stuff I hate. Almost like the companies know when the warranty is up ... something goes wrong.

        Happy Birthday!!!


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          Awww, that stinks. I hate having days like that....Happy Birthday, anyways
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            sorry to hear about your day!

            I didn't have a great birthday this year either... but I try to see the bright side of things. Your hubby bought you a present, and if he couldn't tell the difference between the size you are and the size the present was, than I'd take that as a compliment.

            Cars are not meant to last. in fact they are on purposely designed to start failing, at a certain point so that you HAVE to buy a new one, or spend lots of money fixing yours. So if you are going to get angry with someone about the car, get mad at your government for not only allowing, but encouraging ****** products being made so people are forced to spend more money.

            the moving is kind of a bummer, but this could be the opportunity to live in a better place, somewhere that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, even when you have a bad day.


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              Oh my gosh!!! I'm sorry I can't say anything to help make it better, but venting hopefully helped a bit in itself.

              HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! You deserve a great one! (yesterday doesn't count. start again tomorrow. haha)
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                Poor thing. You can join Me & Puppy Fluffer in the ****** Birthday Club. The only thing good about my birthday was GLG taking me out for Friday fish fry & making me candied pecans.
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                  You guys are so AWESOME some of these comments made me laugh so darn hard thank you It just seemed like nothing is going right lately lol as is life on to the next chapter)))