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Well since bows disqualify us

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  • Well since bows disqualify us

    Here is Ziggy I really wanted to enter her in the rags to riches contest but I don't want to ask the owner to come back just to take a picture without bows! UGH~
    I know it's my fault but I didn't see where it said bows on the rules page (props, bandanas, costumes is all I saw!)

    Here she is please critique I don't usually do these types of haircuts. She does have a slight crest or slope, a teddy face, scissored legs, and a 3 on her topline (spine)
    I have been grooming for 2 years and started at petsmart but quit quite early and have worked at the same salon for 1 year this month!
    I can't believe the bows!!!!!! I'm going to go stab myself in the eye with my shears now see ya.

    This took me about 2 1/2 so hours, she was extremely dirty and matted I had to comb and fluff it all out and do alot of scissor work!

    She was very patient and is a sweety

    Wait for pictures I just figured out how to put them on the thread
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    Great job. Too bad about the bows


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      Wow! What an amazing transformation! Fabulous scissorwork!
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        I usually take pictures with & without bows;

        WOW is all I can say...wonderful job!!
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          I think she looks fantastic! I'm sorry you couldn't enter her
          Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.


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            I am feeling very discouraged I don't think I can try as hard again

            But I will enter a second dog sometime...
            ziggy was just so perfect


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              She looks GAWGEOUS!!!


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                You get no money but that is definite winner !
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                  I had the same thing happen. I worked over 2 hrs. stripping out a brussels mix. As is my everyday, everydog habit, I put a bandanna on him... Realized the bandanna was on him when I went to submit the pics. He won't be back before the contest ends. And, even if he does come in, his coat is now being rolled. So, the transformation won't be apparent.

                  I entered the contest anyway. I was upfront and said I knew I was dq'd but would love the pics to appear just to show off the transformation... Just got an e-mail saying it had been removed. Oh well.


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                    looks great!

                    rules are silly anyway. hehe...


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                      Awww that sucks! But she looks really sweet. :O) Imagine how much better you made her feel! Buck up, I know you'll be able to find it in ya to try hard again with someone else.
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                        Take Heart Poodleylove

                        I like your name. LOL. Keep your camera ready,there is lots of time to get another nice entry. This contest can drive ya crazy some days! I had a lovely little standard today,and spent a LOT of time scissoring her. Well, after her groom and stretching her legs,and a treat,I draped the table with a yellow towel,as she is black ,and so is my table,and my camera is cheap ,and just does not take nice pics of black indoors, at all.I took the posts off my table,took about 20 pics,and she would not stand happily,and the pics looked terrible! AARRGGHH. I got one lpicture that shows how lovely she is, in better light. In my kitchen,with too much background clutter,and my little poodle Cindee in the foreground. Oh, well. There is always the next dog,that may clean up real nice,or be as beautiful as Bali,just not black please LOL. Your dog is very nice!
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                          Great job! She looks so cute.
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                            She looks so cute! Very nice job.


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                              I was asked by a member to post the dq'd pics in here. So, I am happy to oblige.

                              Sampson is a brussels mix. He's been a client for a while. But, mom would never let us properly handstrip him and keep him in a somewhat rolled coat. But, after I placed in Chicago with a HS brussels, she finally agreed! (We'd been sneaking some coat raking in to at least make some layers in the coat...) The awesome news? She wants to keep him stripped instead of reverting back to the Chewbacca look.

                              The before and after is amazing. I couldn't believe his coat would be that smooth and nice.

                              So, here ya go! (Hoping they actually upload...)
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