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  • Hope I'm wrong

    I got a call today from a man who asked me if I knew "Fluffy Smith" (not the real name) This is his mother's dog and he said that she told him I am her groomer. (lucky me) I remembered because this miniature poodle was really matted, very filthy, and I had to dodge her teeth when I groomed her. LOL

    Anyway the man said he has been out of town for awhile, and is finally back involved in his mother's life, and the dog needs to be groomed again. With a very sinking feeling I looked up the card and saw that "Fluffy" had come for one grooming appointment.

    The date? October 2007

    Next Monday she will be coming in for grooming and I am wondering if it is even possible that she hasn't been groomed in almost 2-1/2 years. He didn't know about that but he did say she could hardly move her legs. Good grief. I wanted to say bring her in right now, but I'm waiting until I have a day with lots of time because this is gonna be something else. Wish me luck, or something.

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    About 15 yrs ago I had a family member bring in a dog, I had never groomed it before but as soon as it walked in I didnt ask why. Seems the elderly grandfather had this dog.. his baby, but grandpa was really bad off. When he passed away one of the family decided to take in this poor cocker (YUP I said it) well it turns out this poor cocker had not been groomed in over 3 yrs. his ears were matted to his body and his nails had grown into his pads. A full 15 strip... within a yr this little guy was happy again and the 'new' owner took very good care of him getting him groomed every 6 weeks... so all's well that ends well.

    by the way...

    Good luck on Mon!


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      Just be prepared to send 'fluffy' to the vet if she realy is that bad, not safe for either of you . jmo
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        oh no i hope it goes ok, and hopefully the dog has been groomed somewhere since then..

        We once had a dog that came in it was so matted we had to use a 30blade to get through the hair..that was after we used old scissors to cut some hair off so we could even get the blade in! The guy commented that he also spilled some grease on the dog while he was cooking, luckily the thick coat of mats protected his skin!
        good luck monday!!


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          take pics!

          I would love to see the before and after pics!


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            Get a signed "Fuzzy Pet Release" before you touch the dog.

            We had one like that come in years ago. White Mini Poodle, hadn't been groomed ever. One solid mat. So much urine had soaked into the legs, you could knock on them and get a hollow thump in return.

            The dog put up a real fight over the grooming, then, about halfway through the strip, went into an epileptic seizure that would not stop. I hustled the dog over to the vet hospital next door and they diagnosed status epilepticus, started the dog on IV valium and tried to call the owner. That was the days before cell phones. They didn't get an answer.

            The dog died before the owner was contacted. When the vet finally got the owner and told him what happened, he went into a rage and shouted at the vet he was coming over with a gun to kill every one at the vet clinic and everyone at that stupid grooming shop that killed his dog. The vet called us, said the guy was serious and the vet was calling for police protection. So the shop owner herded us all into the back and locked the front door, waiting up front in case a legit customer pulled up.

            The police sent a couple of squads to check things out and, sure enough, here comes the owner pulling up to the vet clinic and he had a loaded revolver on the seat next to him.

            Well, fortunately, he decided not to commit suicide-by-cop and gave up.

            A post on the dog diagnosed severe neglect and extremely low blood calcium levels, which more than likely triggered the SE attack.

            So, like I said - get a Fuzzy Pet Release Form, in case something happens.


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              I SOOOO agree with doubledogdare! I had a lunatic like that once too. Scares the **** out of you. NEVER NEVER NEVER groom ANY pet without a signed pet release that has been read and understood. I also think the release needs to be much more detailed and specific than the "Fuzzy pet form". The guy with the gun could still file suit. Yes, he'd likely lose, but how much will you spend on defending yourself plus lost earnings from court appearances? We have to do everything we can to protect ourselves.


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                Originally posted by odette View Post
                Just be prepared to send 'fluffy' to the vet if she realy is that bad, not safe for either of you . jmo
                Yes I did think of that. And I will if necessary.


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                  Wow you have some scary stories! I will be super careful and ready for anything. (I hope - although I don't know how I could be ready for a client with a gun!!) I'm hoping that I'll be wet shaving with a 10 - at least there would be some hair on the dog when she is done.

                  Camera is ready and I am hoping that Furmama will be able to come up and help. What do you say, June? Hehehe


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                    Think I needed a shower when I got home. I got sniffed by every dog and cat that came near me!!! Must have had a little Fluffy 'aroma' hanging around me. Lol

                    And so much for wet shaving with a 10!


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                      So what happened?
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                        If it's not too late, take before and after pictures. I was in this situation once. I even saved the hair. In this business you can never be too careful. Hope all went well for you and the dog.


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                          I was wrong, but not by much...

                          Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
                          So what happened?
                          Things weren't quite as bad as they could have been. She came in and clearly had been scissored by family -- all except for about 4-5 inches at the bottom of her legs. (Furmama suggested that it almost looked like bracelets gone wild!!) Those legs were terrible, like plaster casts at least 4 times thicker than her legs. And she reeked of urine. First we put her in a dishpan with warm water and Grimeinator to try to soften up the legs. It took about 15 minutes and at least one water change to even feel a difference.

                          Then we started trying to clip. A 10 didn't even touch it, so we ended up using a 30 to work off the matts. The first three legs went reasonably well and all we found was some red patches from matts pulling on her skin. The last leg (right rear) was bad. Furmama was working on that one and she started grimacing as the smell got worse and worse. She even said the hair was slimy with pus and infection. (I know we aren't supposed to say that, but we didn't say that to the owner's son!) Fluffy's leg was bleeding and we weren't about to injure her anymore, so we snipped away the worst of the matts, did her nails, and then got her back into the tub.

                          BTW her nails weren't totally overgrown. But two of the nails on that bad leg had been forced up by the matts and were growing all twisted.

                          I put her back in the dishpan with Davis Maximum Clorhexidine and let her stay there for about 10 minutes. Used the same shampoo on her body, but did use SPA facial scrub on her head!! We finished her with a 5F body head and ears. (There wasn't any hair on her head to save!!)

                          Doing a clean face was not possible - she lunged and bit so we just scissored her face short. She was fine for that!

                          We showed the son the matts and said he totally had to take her to the vet. We were not at all sure that was going to happen, but today he called to get his paperwork back (I am notorious for making the copies and leaving the papers in the copier!!) and said he was gonna take her this afternoon.

                          I do have pictures but I'll have to post them tomorrow. The camera is at the shop.

                          So bottom line is we all survived the whole thing but if her whole self had been as bad as her legs, she would have been sent to the vet without any hesitation.

                          P.S. I also went home and took a shower!!


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                            Here are some pictures. You can see her right rear leg has an open wound. I hope she will be ok and that I see her soon.
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                              The pix came out great Terry! But I don't think the wound looks nearly as bad as it was. You really can't tell it was open and bleeding. Too bad you can't provide smellivision!