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  • Rattlesnake in backyard photos

    So I come up from a long day of grooming crazy big dogs and just want to sit in a chair. Hear my Jack Russells making a fuss but not where they usually make a fuss so I head to the back yard to see whats up. They are barking in a circle and then I hear the rattle. Very distinct and will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. REALLY. Even if you have never heard one before. I love my little JRT's ... they are smart and will allert but never go it close. I call them into the breezeway and point to the crate. They go right in. I head back out with a metal rake and pruning shears. Call the hubby to bring the rabies noose from the barn. This is the safest way to catch one but it gives you lots of distance. As you can see, he is in the bucket. I put him on top of the fountain so we can properly dispose of him. As you can see, the head is almost severed but 20 minutes later ... he has crawled out of the trashcan with a metal dog food dish on it. These guys can move for hours.

    I had a friend make me feel bad about killing them once. So I then captured one which was way more dangerous. Waited 2 hours for animal control to get here and watched them kill it. Yep ... was thinking I could have saved myself 2 hrs. I did learn the proper way to dispose of it tho. Apparently you must always crush the head w/a rock or shovel blade. If you don't, then someone can dig is up much later (months) and step on the fang and still receive a bite.

    Anyway, I really do love my dogs. I was so glad my slipper dog was still down at the business. She would have walked right up to it.

    Anybody else have working dogs?
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    Anybody else have working dogs?[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, I do. One is the bestest dog in the whole world and would have done as yours did. The other would have tried to kill the snake. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. She was bred for terrier trials and has way too much drive. In fact, I'm having a heck of a time training her in simple obedience.


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      I have Great Pyrenees...

      But I don't have rattle snakes, at least not that I know of here in Indy.

      That just creeps me out, I sure couldn't imagine killing one either = so I give you the utmost respect..... It's hard enough for me to kill spiders! lol

      I'm so glad all your pooches are okay!!!


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        Before I fenced in my property, I would “humanely” trap raccoons and skunks and knowing that animal control would destroy them, I would drive 5 miles down the road, to a very peaceful, wooded stream, and allow them their freedom. All the snakes on my property are shoveled into a bucket and walked over to the nearest field, with a stream, and allowed to live their lives out. Butchering animals because they happened to unbeknownst to them, invaded your property is not my idea of a happy day.

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          Old family story about my Grandfather: He was newly married & out in the back yard mowing when he ran over a water moccasin. The head kept chasing him by jumping after him. He was so upset (he was only a teen-ager) that he forgot to let go of the handle of the mower. After about a half hour or so it finally quit hopping & he was standing in the kitchen getting a cold glass of water from the sink--shaking with excess adrenaline. My Grandmother came into the kitchen, looked out the window above the sink at the raggedy back yard and asked in disbelief, "THAT'S the way you mow a yard? It doesn't look very straight to me".
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            This is me screaming in terror! Where do you live that they are already awake? I know it has been quite warm here on the central coast but so far they seem to not have ventured out.


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              I'm really surprised that animal control would kill it, that just doesn't sound right.


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                That one is small. But if it is one of those small rattlers native to California, it is even more deadly than the ones we have here.

                I'm guessing the snake is about five feet long. As Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes (the ones we have here in Florida) go, that would be a young adult. We get some around here over ten feet.
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                  In several states trans-locating animals is illegal, so the choice is, live with them or kill them. It can transport disease to new areas and cause outbreaks, plus in uban areas when lots of animals get sent to the same areas (all animals for a 10 mile radius sent to the forest preserve) over population can cause aggression, disease, and starvation.


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                    aww you killed it? Why didnt you just move it somewhere far away?


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                      I know it sounds cruel

                      Here in California if you release something somewhere else and some one sees you and then it injures another party ... you are liable. If you move it from your property and it ventures onto another persons property, you are liable. We had the same issue w/a mt. lion on the property. It was killing livestock near people (us) which usually says it has gotten a little too comfortable with people. They would not catch and relocate it. It eventually killed a man on his bike and then grabbed a lady. Her friend held her by the legs (mt lion had her by the head) and she was able to save her friend. Then they shot the mt lion. Fish and Game told me they could not relocate it but gave me a permit to kill it. I reminded them that I am a housewife not a mt. lion hunter. We just kept our kids and animals indoors during that time. That's when we got our livestock guardian dogs and didn't have a problem w/ losing livestock anymore.

                      The problem is that there are so many people in California ... where is the wildlife suppose to live. It just can't live in my backyard. I have 15 other acres the rattlers can live on but once they decide to live by the house, they will keep coming back even when I have moved them in the past so I get rid of them. Sorry.


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                        There is a particularly horrific video on youtube of a headless/skinless/gutted rattler beeing cleaned and it's still moving. The description says something about it being in fridge for several hours before that and the warm water stimulating it. They guy was going to eat it and they supposedly taste good. Snakes creep me out to no end. Lucky me there is a python sleeping in the room next to my bedroom as we speak. I try not to think about him.


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                          Its illegal to kill them in Michigan ,last summer my step son came to me with a small cooler and says to me ,Hey Mom come check out this snake I found( I am not afraid of snakes).In this cooler was a very ticked off little rattle snake(Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake ) coiled up and rattling his tiny rattles and striking at anything near by( I touched it with a stick).It is considered an endangered species so they are protected here, I had no choice but to release this very angry critter ,besides I like snake.I placed the cooler in my deep freezer to slow him down(this works)after 10-15 minutes I walked the snake cooler and all across the road(I live in the boonies) opened the cooler and chucked snake( I wasn't taking any chances of it landing close to me.. lol) into the weeds away from me.Omg my heart was beating 100 miles a minute lol.. We often see hog snakes in the yard ,which are very similar in markings to the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake but a harmless species. In fact if you catch one they can be quite humorous to watch as they display themselves to warn off potential predators ..First they mimic the rattle actions, if that fails they follow with a false striking action, if that fails and the predator still persist the snake plays dead,, it will literally roll onto its back and play dead.. if you roll it back over it will repeat rolling over and playing dead until the predator either leaves it alone or picks it up in which at that time it will defecate and urinate on the attacker( which happened to be my son lmao) .. But none the less after the rattler incident the boys just now leave the snakes be..


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                            This scares me for my puppy

                            We have a lot of rattlesnakes and moccasins here. Sometimes we see them crossing our yard from one area of woods to another. We just got a new puppy at Christmas and I am terrified that she's gonna be overly curious this spring/summer and get herself bitten. I don't know how to prevent this from happening, either! Glad your guys are OK!


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                              I know they have rattlesnake deterence classes in CA not sure about anywhere else. If you have snakes and no classes in your area you might be able to look up how to train them yourself? I worry about snakes out here with my nosy poodles. Thankfully in 10 yrs I've yet to see a poisonous one, course I don't run around looking for them either!