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  • Missing my mom OT

    I having been going about my day without a thought until my DH mentioned the date been the anniversary of the first .com thingy well then it hit me today is the anniversary of my moms death. I lost her 7 years ago to cancer. I couldn't believe that I didn't remember until now. Just wanted to share. I miss her so much and wish she could have lived to see me realize my dream of owning my own shop. She never really understood what I did but I hope she would be proud of me...

    Feeling low
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    New here but....

    I couldn't just let this go.....I'm so sorry that you are down today.

    My Father past away over 20 years ago. In the begining I thought of him ALL the time. Of course he still is in my heart and my thoughts....but as time's only natural not to think of loved ones that have left us as much as we once did.

    What it says to me is that you are well adjusted....healthy.....normal.

    While she may not have totally understood your passion for dogs/animals....I'm quite positive she is proud of YOU!

    I hope tomorrow is a better day. Hugs.


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      Of course she would be proud!

      That's what mom's do, they hope their children will grow up to be happy and do something that is fulfilling to them, and allows them to have a good life. Don't ever doubt that if she were here still, she would be telling everyone about her daughter the dog groomer who owns her own shop!

      I am sorry you lost your mom, and I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. I lost my dad at a young age, I was only 12 when he passed, but I think he would be proud of the way I turned out, even all my screw ups along the way, would have just been "lessons" that I needed to learn in his eyes.

      Remember her, honor her memory, and don't ever doubt that she would have been very proud of your accomplishments.


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        I feel your pain, only it was my Dad that nver gototsee whay I would become,
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          I'm right there with ya. I lost my mom 14 years ago (May 19) and in a way, it still seems like yesterday :'(

          Don't feel guilty about it slipping your mind because as the years pass, that can happen. Not that you love or miss her less, but I think it's just a coping mechanism. I wish my mom had lived to see her great grands, my new business, and to see the kids all grown up. I'm SURE she's proud, just like your mom is of you


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            My dad passed away the day before my birthday almost 5 years ago. It makes my birthday very hard for me.
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              I lost my mom 10 years ago-Feb 11. I think of her almost every day, and miss her so much. I think they are always watching over us.
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                oh im so sorry keeping you in my thoughts and prayers
                i lost my mom in 2005,and her bday was last week she would have been 65,we werent close but i do miss her at times


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                  My dad passed days after my dear daughter was born, it saddens me to see her grow, it means it's been loner and loner since I hugged my dad, it's been almost three years.


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                    Almost 8 years since my mum passed goes on, then all of a sudden I get the biggest urge to call her on the phone, then it hits me....I can't. My heart is with you.


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                      My mom died 10 years ago. For probably the first 5 years I couldn't think about her without crying or getting totally depressed. Now I can talk about her and remember and not cry - but I still miss her terribly.


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                        I've been right there with you. Firday, the 12th, would have been my mom's 57th birthday. She's been gone now for 2 years and there are days when it seems like it happened yesterday. My son will be 4 years old in 3 weeks. I took him to McDonalds yesterday as they have a huge indoor playarea and I was fighting tears the whole time thinking of how much my mom had missed and more importantly, how much he had missed since he has no memory of her. That has been the hardest part for me, knowing what my children have lost. I have plenty of wonderful memories of my mom, my daughter has a few and my son has none. He was 1 1/2 when she passed.
                        I know the people we love, would want us to be happy and I bet they would be happy if we skipped a special date that normally makes us sad without notice.
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                          Hugs to you Suzy!

                          I'm sure your Mom is watching over you,and very proud. I think it is only human for us to develop very strong attachments to our moms,and miss them for a long time when they pass. My mom passed away on Mother's Day 1986,and I still miss her at times. My daughter Lois was born 8 months after she passed,and I was crying after the delivery missing her so,and wanting her not to miss out,when suddenly an overwhelming feeling of comfort,and surety that she WAs there in spirit,with us,gave me much comfort. I have a tradition of staying outside now on Mothers Day,and gardening all day,planting,that helps a lot.
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