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Moving shop into my home... Get tired of paying high rent. Need tub/plumbing help?

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  • Moving shop into my home... Get tired of paying high rent. Need tub/plumbing help?

    I have a floor drain in the room my shop is going. But i do not want to use this floor drain....
    Not sure where this drain leads. I was told by another home groomer-- that she installed a pump that kicks on when water is going down the tub drain or tub is in use. This pump pushes water up and out in to the sewer line. My sewer pipe is waste high on the wall? I got to get the water up to this pipe? What is this auromatic pump call where could i get one? I want that works--- so do not have to replace it for awhile. Thanks soooo much.

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    My tub is in my basement, and I had to tie into the septic line, which runs at ceiling height down there. I have a pump in a crock (sold as 1 unit) made by Little Giant (WRSC-6).
    I went with this one because although it's a bit of a has a removable screen that traps hair, and I can pull and clean it out once a week.
    Do everything in your power to avoid hair going into your septic field,...or you will have a financial nightmare of epic proportion.

    I am on my 3rd pump (in 6 years), and given the number of dogs I bathe a week (about 50 to 60, and alot of big/furries/+Sibes)...I'm not complaining.

    I purchased my first one thru a local plumbing "warehouse" for 350, but have since wizened up and buy them on line for about $175.00.

    One more tip...once your pump gets a year or 2 of use on's a really good idea to order and store a back-up pump. I guarantee your original pump will go out at the most inopportune of times, and having a back-up is the difference between being down for a day and down for a week.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      I think it's called a sump pump, and you can prob find it at Lowes or Home Depot


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        Wise decision NOT to use the mysterious floor drain. If yours is anything like's some version of a French Drain...which is really nothing more than a channel to a small underground pit (completely independent of the septic system) which may or may not be lined in gravel or tiles. No way would that be able to handle the hair.
        My house was built in the mid-50's, and alot of the things that seemed like really swell ideas then....ain't so swell now.
        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          I had my drain fed to drain outside to my backyard. Waters the yard & no clogs!!!


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            we have a drainasour (I think that is what the plumber called it) it works wonders. It is basically a huge sump pump thing with a catch box for hair. Awesome!!


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              It's called an evacuation pump. Mine was from little giant (old house). I called my plumber and told him that I needed to have my washer and my tub pump up to the septic line and he took care of the rest. The pump sat under my tub and had been used for 7 years when we moved...with no problems. I have a hair trap in my tub from petlift and then another hair trap that you unscrew from under the tub (weekly) that I got from petedge. The petlift one was about $100 and the other was about $30. Using a pump you really need the traps.