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  • Need Ideas for Fence Collar

    I have been having problems with my Doberman chewing the collars off of my other dogs. Out of 3 invisble fence collars, we are down to just one - the one worn by the chewer.

    I need a way to keep her from chewing the nylon collars off. Bitter apple spray doesnt work with my guys since a few of them like to lick the stuff.

    Today I tried turning a prong collar inside out and attaching it to the outside of the fence collar so the prongs stick outwards to protect the nylon collar underneath, but this is really bulky and makes it hard to get the collars on and off. Plus im afraid the chain part of the prong collar will get hung up on something.

    The collar chewer is very smart and will get it off somehow any nylon is exposed and it's important to have this chew proof collar work really well since if it comes off my dog could end up lost, or worse.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    spiked collars maybe?


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      Hot sauce won't work?
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        Would a rolled leather one work?

        Does it have to be the nylon ones? Can the sensors come off to attach to another collar?


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          Originally posted by D'tails View Post
          Bitter apple spray doesnt work with my guys since a few of them like to lick the stuff. Anyone have any ideas?
          There are different flavours of chew deterrent. There's Sour Grapes and I think one other type that might work. Of course, there's always hot sauce!

          Is it just nylon that your Dobe can't resist? Could you sew a denim cover to cover the nylon, or can you replace the nylon with leather? If you get really desperate, you could wrap the nylon collar in a small hole chicken wire type fencing. It should have enough bend in it to wrap around the collar and not be uncomfortable for the wearer - or cover it with some cloth to prevent skin/fur damage.

          I guess one other option would be to put a basket muzzle on the Dobe.

          That's all I can think of right now.
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            Spiked collars, leather collars, plastic..she will chew them all off. Her recent escapade was chewing through two 60.00 dollar custom tapestry medieval design collars with gold threading I purchased at a show...aaarg.

            I looked at leather spiked collars tonight at the store but they all have sections of bare leather where the spikes stop.

            Cant wear a basket muzzle on her outside cause the Dobes chase off stray dogs from our property and I don't want to leave them defensless against strays when outside. They just ran off a Shepherd today and there was a big American Bulldog wandering around our land 3 days ago.

            They are all chow hounds and will taste or eat anything including bitter sprays, saur kraut and hot sauce, you name it.

            There has to be a simple solution...I just cant seem to think of anything...


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              I would try another spray. My dogs did not care if I used bitter apple,or hot sauce on anything. What i found that they did not like was Natural Bandaid by Espree. I tried it because one of my dogs chews at her pads sometimes, and it worked. May be worth a shot.
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                can you modify the spiked collar for the transmitter? maybe try to place the transmitter in that bare spot or add more spikes where needed. you can most likely find the bare spikes at a leather shop


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                  Any Harley shop can recommend a leather master.
                  "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
                  People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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                    i never had any success with anti -chew sprays until i found this stuff
                    Kelato Animal Health is an Australian company producing horse health and nutrition products to help horses feel well so they perform well.

                    Not sure if the link will be approved, if not google Kelato RedHot Spray
                    Its an Australian product so may not be available in the US,but worth a trip to your local feed, horse or saddlery store to find out if there is something similar.
                    Its very different to all others i have used ,AND IT WORKS ! my goodness you dont want this stuff on you !!1


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                      Have you tried something like this. Its a pinch style collar with no prongs. It has a very small nylon section that you should be able to burn holes through to attach the receiver to the collar. It might work.


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                        Thanks for the ideas. I will look into that stuff. I wish there was some sort of flexible metal sleeve I could slide over the whole thing.


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                          1 lb hot anahiem peppers, 1 quartt cooking oil , heat oil low and slow , rough chop the peppers, simmer on low for 20 minutes, steep overnight, strain and put on the collars, or anything that you don't care if it is stained, out door hoses etc, should give the chewer a pause. Works on the most aggresive chewers I have met.
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                            ROFL... you just said "wish their was some kind of metal sleeve I could slip over these things...

                            look up any renaissance fair near you... see if you can find a chain male maker! I know one of my bathers is TOTALLY into these faires.. there are catalogs you can find online too. Ill bet if you phrased it 'JUST RIGHT".. one of these craftsmen just might offer to make one as an example of his work.. who knows, you may start a whole trend in renaissance dog fashion!