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  • Surprising an owner

    Sooo yesterday I did a standard poodle that usually gets a lamb cut but had gone longer between cuts due to the person she usually requested at the shop being out. She finely set an appointment with me yesterday becasue she coulden't wait any longer. I felt so bad as I coulden't save the legs her elbows and hips were sooo matted. I might have been able to dematt them but at 13 mom cared more about comfort and easy grooming than the hair. So I told her I woul due a #4 all over insted of a lamb trim and she was ok with it. Well... as I started shaving I realized as bad and the tops of her legs were the bottoms were practiclay matt free and mom like the "poodle" look clean face/feet and all I decided to surprise her and do a miami trim on her. I knew it would be easy to shave them off if mom diden't like it so I just went for it and diden't say anything till she came to pick up. I even put bows on the front poms. Mom LOVED it. It was a great end to my day.

    I don't usually just decide to due a haircut on a dog without telling the owner but this was just such a perfect situation to try it I just had to. Thanks for letting me share.

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    Aww how cool!!!
    I love the miami trim its soo freaking cute on a standard!!!!
    I lvoe it when you can do something great for someone.I love it even more when they appreciate it !!!