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Your favorite finishing spray/detangler for drop coats

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    I'm an

    EZ Groom Ruff Out fan. Especially on those parted long drop coats. I can spray along the part and brush down then spritz around. When I put the dog on the ground and it shakes it seems to stay parted and it doesn't look greasy. I should try Ice on Ice again. I used to think it didn't show any difference but it seems a lot of you like it.
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      Cowboy Magic

      I have used Quicker Slicker in the past and agree that it is a good detangler. It doesn't leave an oily residue and does a good job with moderate tangles. My absolute favorite detangling product is Cowboy Magic super body shine. It's made for horses but I have been using it for years with no adverse effects on dogs. It is incredibly potent. In fact, it needs to be transferred to a small bottle to control the spray. It works great for a light finishing spray. I usually keep a full strength spray bottle for dematting and one that is diluted for finishing. I love spraying a bunch of it into a wet double coat before blow drying and a light misting before stand drying. For solid mats I use the Cowboy Magic detangler concentrate. I work a small amount of it into those extra tough mats and let it hang out for a bit before brushing or hitting with the force dryer.


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        I like ice on ice because it's scentless.