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  • Well, I've done it now

    and there's no turning back....
    I am fully registered for the poodle competition at the Pac. NW show this weekend and while I'm excited, I'm majorly nervous.
    No fancy patterns or anything but a full scissor lamb is what I plan on accomplishing in the 2 hours 15 minutes we're allotted.
    This is my first competition and pray it all goes well.
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    As long as your nail polish matches your smock, you'll do just fine

    Seriously though, as nerve wracking as it is, it's also fun and educational. I'm sure you will do just fine. Try to get plenty of rest before and if you can, bring a snack into the show ring. I can never eat before, my stomach won't allow it and last time I felt like I was going to pass out from hunger! The time allotted may be 2 + hours but you are in the ring a lot longer than that since you have to be there for the prejudging, set up, then of course once everyone is done all the judges have to go around, look at all the dogs and then it takes time for them to make their decisions. At the NEPGP I was in the poodle comp. I got in the ring I think at 8am and didn't leave until 1pm. Thankfulyl Dirty Hairy was able to get my stuff out of our room so they didn't go in and take it all since I hadn't checked out beforehand!
    I find once they say to go ahead and start I eventually get into my zone. It takes me a while as I am so nervous and I talk a lot to the dog, but eventually I really don't even notice the competitors around me.
    I took a class once on how to behave when showing. No cell phones or texting (I couldn't believe people did that but the guy had pictures!), try to make sure when the judges are coming by your dog is stacked properly (I say this even though the last comp once I was done the dog was in my lap most of the time). If you aren't sure the best way to hold your dog to present in a stacked position, ask someone. I am still working on this. It was something the speaker went over in the class. He said many competitors cover too much of the face or hold he tail at the wrong angle etc. Heck, MY first show I was SO new and had been raised with parents who had shown GSD I was trying to stack my poor poodle with one leg back like a GSD!
    When the show is over, win or lose a trophy, you will ALWAYS win if you have the judge go over your dog with you because what you learn will only make you better and most of the judges are so nice. They are there to help.
    I try to wear a smock over a nice shirt and then when I'm done grooming I take the smock off. I've been told to keep the hair under the table as it shows just how much you've taken off. And I always make sure to read thoroughly through the rules since each show seems to differ a bit one from another. best advice I can give you is to have fun, enjoy, and just go with it. You will do great!
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      Whether you place or not, at least you have the cahoonah's to jump in the ring!!! I've not grown a set as of yet, lol. My hat's off to you.

      Your a great groomer! Relax, have fun and make it a learning experience You'll do just fine!


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        You are a very talented groomer, as evident in that blue Standard poodle you groomed.

        Best of luck!


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          Good for you - you go girl. It takes me 2.5 hours to do a simple teddy bear style and regular topknot doing housecall I'd really never make the time constraint competing not that I'm close to good enough for that.

          Good luck and I'm sure you'll do fine.


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            Good luck, Shawn! Have fun!


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              Have fun and good luck! I've only ever done one competition (so far!) but I had a blast! Just don't pay attention to what's going on around you. Concentrate on you and your dog, and it will be fine! )


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                You'll do awesome, Shawn! I can't wait to see pics Good Luck!
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                  Good Luck Shawn!! You'll do fine! Just enjoy yourself. Yeah this coming from someone scared to death of competing LOL But you'll be fine really ;-)
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