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  • Mini Laube

    Has anyone tried the Mini Laube clipper? If so do you like it? Rose's

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    Love them

    Sorry you got no replies. I have used the micro minis since they first came out. There isn't much difference in them to the minis. I use the Hanvey vac with them. They are very light weight evenwith the combo. They have plenty of power. I like the veriable speed. I was switching between the Osters and them but the latches were differentso the blades would rattle. Finally made the switch to just Laubes and will not look back. They are very ergonomic. I always had good repair work, even if it took time. So I would say go for it.


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      I have one but they need fixed. I may have gotten a bad clipper because they break all the time. The place were the cord goes into the clipper has broke twice on me.