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    Hi everyone! I have a new doggie tomorrow...Pomeranian that the owner wants given a lion cut. Any advice, good tips? I've looked at lots of pics, but they all seem different to me. How far back do you go with the "mane?" How much tail do you leave? Once again...thanks!

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    I usually start at the withers and follow the line of the shoulder and meeting around the breast bone. Lay the hair down flat with your hands first to see if it looks right. On the tail I leave a tuft, like stop when the tail starts to get really skinny. Some people start behind the shoulder and leave the front legs, other people do it like me and leave the legs. I hate the fluffy legs so usually use my #7 to blend into the natural lenght of the leg hair on poms. Have fun!


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      It's like the puppy cut! lol

      Sorry, couldn't resist. When someone says 'lion cut', it seems they generally mean they want you to leave some around the head, legs, and tail. However, how much is completely up for grabs. My advice is to talk to the owner and see what they want. Most of my people like the mane to end a little behind the ears (so it's nice and round, but there's not much hair on the body itself). I like the mane to start a little before the shoulders or at the shoulders, though nice and sculpted. Totally up to the owner though.

      Same with the tail. Some owners will die when you mention cutting the tail, while others prefer you make it balanced. Get details from the owner!
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        Check out my avatar above

        I change it depending on the size of the Pom. Sometimes like with avatar, I used the 7F and just did a collar and did not leave fur deep on chest or past front leg. The tail, I trim pretty far and leave the end blended with thinners, as well as the neck all the way around. My avatar dog is very very small, chihuahua size.


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          my mane line is from the shoulder blades forward on some and then from the base of the neck angling back to behind the front legs.
          I always scissor the legs up to blend in with the mane and most of my clients want the tail left full so definitely ask what they'd like the tail to look like.
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            Make it easy on yourself - Ask the owner what they want. Their dog, their call.

            We do lion cuts all different ways. Full tail/lion tail; scissored front legs/clipped front legs; short collar behind head/long mane over the shoulders; scissored mane/natural mane; #7F/#9/#10.


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              Ask,ask,talk, describe & then ask some more....If it's a new client....uh, did I say ASK & make sure you are all on the same page????

              "puppy cut", "lion clip"...trouble words.....find out WHAT they want as far as length on body & every little detail.....
              Leave no stone unturned...then wing it..LOL!
              good luck!