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  • YEA!!!!!!

    What a great weekend! First, I got 10 pair of my dysfunctional scissors repaired and sharpened at the San Antonio dog show. Cost me over $200 but now I have 10 pair of "new" scissors (I sort of collect scissors).

    Best of all, my standard poodle, Yogi, won his first Major in Saturday and picked up a single today. We are up to 10 points!!!! I was so excited I almost passed out.

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    Way cool!!!! Congrats on the rebirth of your shears and Yogi's achievement! Is he a Bred-by?
    5 point major is spectacular! Here's to another one coming your way!
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      CONGRATS ! Way to go, and good for your shears also.
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        Great!! All of it is fantastic!! Dog especially!

        Know what you mean about scissors - I have a bit of a collection, too.


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          Wow congrats; on the win and on being able to continue to scissor him.


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            Ah, I was at the San Antonio show. I think I saw you there on Sat. You were over with Betty Brown and her crew right? I saw your boy...he was pretty. He was the cream dog showing with the guy that shows with Betty right? I don't know the guy's

            I know that Betty had to go home to welp a litter of puppies, I hope everything went well with that.

            Congrats on the Major!


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              Way to go Yogi !! Congrats to you both And i too know about being a scissor horder i think i have more than three groomers would lol but its so much fun to get new ones that i just cant stop myself


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                Hey Windfall. Yes, I was over with Betty's crew. Steve Arnold is the handler who had my boy. He was actually my grooming instructor many years ago, and it is he who got me into standard poodles by finding me my first bitch, Shine (co-bred by Betty Brown and Wendy Penn). Yogi is also a Betty Brown dog. Steve has been an incredible mentor to me with my showing and grooming and connections. Who would have thought someone like me would be setting up with Betty Brown one day, LOL. Betty did leave to attend the whelping of Patsy's pups. Puppies and mom doing great. Though I have managed to pu some single points on Yogi myself, I think I have a rats chance in Hades of pulling off a major. Competition is just too much. That is when it is good to be friends with the big guns!


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                  Yes, I agree. Steve is a wonderful handler. I was mostly over in the toy ring and of course he was showing some toys as well. I happen to be over at the Standard ring on Sat because a friend had 3 standards to show and so me and another friend were over there helping hold her standards.

                  I know what you mean about getting the majors. Poodles are so political, it's easier to just have a handler show them and get them finished faster. Then you don't have to upkeep the hair anymore. I'm going to start showing my shih-tzu next month and I'm probably going to send her out with Lois Demears so that she can finish faster. Maybe after Lois has put both her Majors on her I might show her some to get her singles.

                  Well Congrats! Are you going to the Houston show next weekend? I won't be there, but I will be at the Crosby show in April. That's going to be my shih-tzu's first show.