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  • Softening water

    OK this may be a really, really, really, really, (really times infinity) stupid question, but here goes. I use that calgon stuff in my laundry as it is supposed to soften my water. Could something like that be added to my water, say in the recirc, to get the dogs cleaner? And no, I haven't tried adding the calgon stuff already. I just had to do laundry today and thought "hmmmm, I wonder" and so I came here to ask.
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    I don't know about adding calgon but we have well water and we have a water softening system and it is hooked up to the shop and I love it. I use less shampoo, I hardly ever have to use conditioner, and the dogs coats feel and look great. When it runs out of salt or filter gets to the point it needs to be changed I can tell the difference in the way the dogs look.


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      I don't know anything about Calgon, but you can add baking soda to your water when cleaning dogs.

      Also, you can buy an attachment to your faucet to filter out the hard stuff.
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        You could always add a little salt or baking soda. I have used both in my own washing machine and when I do dishes. Both soften the water and allow the soap to work better, would also allow for less soap usage. Both are also not harmful to the dog and would only require a little at a time, plus readily available and cheap. I also use borax for the same reason, but would NOT recommend that for use on dogs.
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