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GroomerTALK Chat Room on Board in the Works

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  • GroomerTALK Chat Room on Board in the Works

    Before the end of the month we should have chat right here on the board.

    The best news: your regular login on the board also lets you chat. No additional signups. Also even if you are not chatting you will be able to view the active chat, subject to eligibility. Membership has its privileges (smile).

    Eligibility: As it is seen now, we still have to have some controls, chat is always problematic. I believe at this time you will be able to view the Chat here, and to use the Chat if you are registered member of GroomerTALK with 25 posts or more. That's it. This will help stop the types that signup and post a dozen spam messages as their very first posts, and that happens daily. This system is certainly more convenient than ever with no additional login or passwords etc. It will make it easy for us to bring special guests into chat too.

    We've got plenty of testing to do first and then it will be unveiled. Thanks.
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