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MYLADY It's been a week now....

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  • MYLADY It's been a week now....

    How are you all doing? How is Evie doing now that she can see the dog is really gone and not coming back? How are you all doing?

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    How sweet of you to ask. I can't say this has been an easy week, and most of that had nothing to do with losing Tawney, but that certainly didn't help. I can say today is much better. I went to the mall with my family. The mall donated a small space to the local shelter and they have turned it into an annex for cats. There cats stay until they are adopted and have no chance of being euthanized, unless there is something really wrong with them of course. One of my clients is a volunteer there and called me to ask if I could come shave one of the long haired cats that had become matted. Well, Murray wasn't all that thrilled with being groomed. They had originally wanted him just spot shaved but I suggested a lion clip so it looked like it was done "on purpose" instead of just moth eaten. I was able to get him done at least, I did him in the shelter. I think next time I will bring the van, it will just be easier. But I was able to leave cards and meet the other volunteers. It just made me feel good to help. Murray may not have liked being shaved, but he didn't seem stressed afterwards. He immediately went for his food then started primping himself.
    So though the entire week was pretty tough, today was good. I even got to take a nap today, which was nice. Next week will be the taping of that news spot which I'm looking forward to. So I am trying to look to the positive. Tawney's presence is deeply missed. My mom's birthday as well as my business two year anniversary was bittersweet. My mom was never without a large french vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts with 10 creams and 10 equals. So in honor of her I went out and got one for myself (don't like equal so I had splenda) and drank some coffee with my cream and sweetner. I did a special client last night as well. I saved the date for her because it just seemed right to have her as my "anniversary" client.
    Thank you for thinking about me.
    What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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      I am gad you have things to look forward to.

      The time will pass easier with exciting things coming up. You know giving always makes anyone feel better. I know you are going to be successful beyond your dreams, and you deserve it. Of course I think of you often. Every time I come to this forum and other times too. You know . I think we all our very fond of you. This forum keeps us all connected and in eachothers' hearts.


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        glad to hear you are doing ok

        Don't think I've told you how sorry I am about Tawney. Sounds like a rough week. Anniversaries, whether good or bad, are always wrought with emotion. Two such significant ones so close together must have been quite rough. Hang in there!
        Best of luck on the T.V. shoot, send us a link!!!