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  • venting

    today we got in 3 hotel dogs.. 1. chihuahua 2. maltese/peke mix 3. maltese. the dogs are lovely and well behaved..we only took her in since she was the friend of one of our customers otherwise we do not accept dogs that we do not know (grooming or day care wise)

    the person who dropped them off was our usual cllient

    i asked the client why is the maltese soo matted and she said he is right thats what i thought talk to the owners about that? (i shouldve took a clue from that line but failed to do so)

    anyways we checked the dogs to make sure they are ok and if they have any problems..
    the maltese/peke mix had some bad skin problems the chihuahua was fine the maltese.. had bad ears an offed shaved leg and was extremely matted (wish i brought in some pics)

    now the owner calls when she gets off her plan.. and i asked her what she wanted us to do with the maltese and if she wants them washed before she picks them up... you know the usual..

    she says yes and then i asked her what she wanted us to do with the baby.. if she wants us to shave or to dematt.

    boy did she flip out when i asked her that...was it that i asked her if she wanted to shave? NO!

    it was the fact i said he is matted.

    she went off on me saying you know what dont shower them and just leave them alone and let them be.

    ( i was confused at this point)

    so i asked her does she want us to atleast demat him? (i didnt know that this is what pissed her off)

    she flipped out telling me that he is NOT matted and that he ONLY has a few knots in him.

    not only that she was yelling saying "my dog is not matted, i had got him groomed THOROUGHLY AT THE GROOMERS A FEW DAYS AGO. HE PlaYS RUFF AND ALWAYS GETS TANGLED, SO DO NOT EVEN TOUCH HIM and how dare you tell me he is matted!"

    and she clicks.

    i go outside for a breather....and come back in and call her since i was not finished.
    i tell her that her mix has skin problems and her maltese has a bad infection in his ear (which she happily gives me permission to clean).

    and ask her again to double check about the shower.

    she still says no..

    and now im thinking about the poor littl pup.

    his groomer did a real shady job and never pulled out his ear hairs and cleaned his ear. never trimmed his nails, shaved his paws, trimmed the foot area..and shaved his tummy and butt.

    the pups hair is matted...... when you split the hair you see or actually barely see skin and you just see hairs weaving inside and out covering the skin.. (is thats not matted please explain) and for a dog thats been "groomed" a few days ago why on earth is his hair like that?

    my dog is a maltese as well and the way my dogs play together it looks more like that trying to kill each other...and he loves playing on his back... i shower him once every week or try to.. and thats when he gets brushed.. but hes never that tangled or messed up.. (yes yes i know i only brush him when i shower him its bad i know :P)

    sigh.. i hate owners like this.. but plus side is.. i dont have to see her when she picks the dogs up yay!

    thank you for reading this endless rant!

    just wanted to get if off my chest.

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    that sucks

    Her groomer probably told her the same thing, and she probably insisted that the dog was fine, and then to hear it again, she probably just doesn't want to admit she's wrong.


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      the groomer supposedly "brushed" the knots out

      oh well.. plus side its not me who is demating it


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        I think there was a missed opportunity to educate an owner when the woman picked up her dogs. If you been there you could have been very professional and explained to her where the matts were (while you used a good steel comb.) She also could've learned how this couldn't have "just happened."

        She may have been a one-time client but she is a good friend of an established client, you never want bad conversation going around about your skills or services. She also may have been telling you a big story about the dog recently being groomed.

        I think we need to take every opportunity to educate owners in all aspects of what should be done and what we personally do with / for our precious clients. (especially considering that maltese are perhaps one of the worst for maitaining a decent coat in a multi-pet home!)


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          My guess is that the dog's hadn't been groomed or she talks to her groomer like she did you. Some folks just don't get it. I had a Standard poodle come in once that was pelted the owners had stopped by to have me look at the coat right after a groom. On the outside the dog looked ok but when you tried to put your fingers into the coat you couldn't find skin. The owners really didn't understand that this dog was matted but thought that something was wrong. When I asked where they had gotten her groomed it turned out to be someone I knew. So the owners set up an appointment with me and when they left I called the groomer and found out that these folks had insisted that she not shave the dog short ever and didn't seem to understand how to brush the dog. Well when they came in for their appointment I was able to show them how to brush their dog and convinced them we should take her short and start over. With a wet shave I was able to save some coat and she's been coming in ever since with out problem. Sometime people just won't listen to one groomer but they will to another. It can be frustrating hope this lady get this little dogs matting taken care of.
          "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
          and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck


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            Originally posted by sittingpretty View Post
            I think there was a missed opportunity to educate an owner when the woman picked up her a multi-pet home!)

            she is a one time client. the only reason why she left the dogs with us is because her dog sitter messed up (not really) the pup didnt eat food while she was away....and ended up with hypoglucemia.. and she blames the dog sitter.. (who only comes in to feed and walk)

            her friend knows that the pup was matted cause when i asked her she said "yeah thats what i thought" in a questionable tone. im guessing shes talked to the friend and got an earful as well.

            sigh i hate when people are thick headed.. but the pup hasnt been brushed since we are not allow to touch him and she wants to take him to her groomer (i dont mind)

            her friend has 2 dogs as well and her maltese's coat is much longer but is in better condition compared to the pup.....

            makes no excuse..

            i have a maltese too.. his length isnt short longer than the pups.. so its not excuseable...
            i hate owners like this.. ill take a pic tomorrow from work since they staying til monday.