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Homemade Catch poles?

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  • Homemade Catch poles?

    I keep wanting to have a catch pole handy in case of dogs (like today) who curl up in the back corner of the cage and try to bite your hand off when you try to put a slip lead on them.
    I know I can buy them, but was wondering if anyone has made their own and how did you do it?

    I'm thinking maybe PVC pipe for the handle, but what would I use for the loop that would be stiff enough to keep it's form to go over the dogs head, yet soft enough so it wouldn't hurt the dogs neck and also be able to slide through the pvc pipe easy? Some sort of coated cable?...where would I get one of those? Home Depot? OH..I think I seen some kind of coated cable tie out at Walmart. I'll have to look. Do you think that would work??

    I think I just answered my own question. LOL

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    I use to use one that was pvc pipe with a cotton rope. You take about 6' of the rope tie a large knot ( so you have one piece) fold in half and feed it through the tube. You have a loop on one end and the knot on the other you pull to cinch up around the dog.


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      Great idea, might be a good thing to have in an emergency, since I work alone.
      That will give my husband something to work on on the weekend.
      He love to make stuff.


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        I bought one of those "Reacher" things at Walmart, and I put a kennel lead on it and it goes over the head of the dog real good. Works for me..


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          for some reason i was thinking of a breaking stick LOL! that does sound like a good idea..i know one place i worked she had the cages that where all stacked on top of each other..(the metal ones) and you would be able to leave the leash hanging outside the door...but with the crates you cant really do that...sometimes the dogs start chewing on the leash or pull the leash inside the it defeats the purpose. sure i would have been glad to get one of those!
          good idea!


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            I have to think that it would cost more to make than to buy. The times that we've needed them I don't think I would have felt safe with a homemade version but we also have a boarding kennel w/ daycare etc.


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              Purchase a good rabies pole.

              Purchase a good rabies pole.

              The most important tools you have are your "Safety Equipment" Try to save here and it could cost you more then you know. They lock so the loop does not choke. They are relatively inexpensive and last a long time. I have had mine for fifteen years.