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Anyone who's read Nash's Bathing Grooming & Styling by coat type

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  • Anyone who's read Nash's Bathing Grooming & Styling by coat type

    Making sure I am interpreting their instructions right. Maybe JC Dog Hero is out there. You are going to Nash Correct?

    For bathing drop coated dogs it reads

    Basic cleaning shampoo
    Conditioning Shampoo
    Moisturizing Conditioner
    Product Stablilizer
    Repariing Conditioner

    This to me means 4 bath and rinses with four different products and then a leave in conditioner Is this the correct interpretation.

    Forgive me if this posts twice I thought I posted it but maybe didn't hit submit.

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    Was this an article in G2G? I pulled out all my back issues looking for it, but turned up nothing.

    Without actually seeing the article, it sounds more like a suggestion of the best products to use. You'd assess the coat and pick from that list what it needs.

    Really though, the only kind of product they didn't recommend for all coat types was a heavy oil moisturizer - they said don't use it on any kind of wire, Nordic, or rough Nordic dog. Makes sense, as they all need more body.


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      JC it was in their educational materials they advertised at Hershey and Tim talked about going through all of the steps in his seminar . It is a pdf download from their website.

      That isn't the way they had you do it in school?


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        I went to the seminar last year and that's the correct method. If I was preparing a dog for competition or had one that need lots of repair, I would follow it, but otherwise I'm with you. I do two baths and conditioner. If you haven't attended the seminar it is awsome and really worth the money to download the seminar slides!


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          It was awesome I was sorry I had to catch the train home before the long legged terrier seminar Tim Prior was giving


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            I have a 5mo old shih-tzu puppy that I am going to start showing next month. When I bathe her I usually use 3-4 different products. I experiment a lot as well. I use 1 or 2 different shampoos, and then a conditioner or two, and then I put on a leave in conditioner. If you want the coat to grow and not break off you have to condition, condition, condition. You also have to make sure to keep it CLEAN! It's crazy how much maintenance goes into a drop coat breed.